• January 18, 2022

Artificial City (2021) Episode 11 Confesses to Lee Yi-dam, “Children adopted to catch English Sub

In JTBC’s ‘Duke City’, which aired on the 12th, Jae-hee (Soo-ae) revealed to Lee Seol (Lee Yi-dam) that Hyeon-woo (Seo Woo-jin) was an adopted child.

Earlier, in the process of seducing Lee Seol, Jun-hyeok (Kim Kang-woo) said coldly about Jae-hee that although it is clear that she is a wonderful wife and mother, it does not make my heart race.

Jaehee, who was deeply hurt by this, sobbed as she recalled the wedding with Junhyeok.

After meeting Lee Seol, he said, “To be honest, I doubted you. Like other women who wandered around him, maybe you are like that too. If it was only your problem, I would have asked where all those guys are. He would have jumped right in that moment and hit the child.”

He further said, “I wondered whether or not you gave us room. I’ll pay a little more attention to the referee, it’s your fault. It’s something I don’t want to imagine telling you such a thing even though I know the relationship between you and me.”

Jae-hee also cited Hyun-woo as the reason for maintaining his marriage despite Jun-hyeok’s affair and said, “I adopted him without my family. To protect the position of wife of a man named Jung Jun-hyuk. I love that man a lot.”


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