• January 18, 2022
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Female dolphins have a clitoris much like humans’

Similarities between the species suggest female dolphins experience sexual pleasure Dolphins have active sex lives, with frequent dalliances not just for reproduction. One reason may be that the prominent female dolphin clitoris provides sexual pleasure.…

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How well masks protect

In mpg.de published and claiming that:Three metres are not enough to ensure protection. Even at that distance, it takes less than five minutes for an unvaccinated person standing in the breath of a person with…

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A new option for teens with painful bunions

Peer Reviewed Sources:- jospt.org + jbiomedsci.biomedcentral.com In answers.childrenshospital.org published an article in which claiming that:- Bunions, bumps at the base of the big toes, are probably not at the top of most kids’ list of…

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Increased air pollution has been linked to a rise in lung cancer incidence, according to scientists.

In news-medical.net published and claiming that An international team of scientists, led by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), has linked increased air pollution to an uptick in cases of lung adenocarcinoma (LADC) worldwide. The…

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German researchers press for unorthodox butterfly conservation: mining and grazing

Source:- ncbi.nlm.nih.gov + mdpi.com + journals.plos.org In anthropocenemagazine.org published and claiming that Butterflies are seeking sanctuary in strange places, including industrial wastelands, as meadows disappear in areas of Europe. When ecologist Thorsten Münsch went looking…

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The Idea That Trees Talk to Cooperate Is Misleading

In scientificamerican.com published and claiming that It’s a romantic notion, but pretending they’re like humans could actually harm the cause of conservation Trees that communicate, care for one another and foster cooperative communities have captured…

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A study looks into the negative impacts of obesity drugs.

An essential part of obesity care is making sure treatments are safe for patients. In newswise.com publish details of Abdulrahman Alsuhibani, a doctoral student in the University of Cincinnati’s James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy, and…

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Paralysed mice walk again after a single injection

The therapy, which the researchers hope to trial in humans, harnesses ‘dancing molecules’ to communicate with the body’s cells. A new therapy, developed by researchers in the USA, has successfully reversed paralysis and repaired severe…

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Fewer cases of children with cancer diagnosed during COVID-19 pandemic

A study showed that in England, fewer children and young adults with cancer were diagnosed during the COVID pandemic. It also revealed that children with cancer who were diagnosed during the first wave of the…

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The first report of iron-rich population of adapted medicinal spinach / compared with cultivated spinach

Sources:- atsjournals.org + pubs.acs.org + phcogj.com Folk medicine such as herbal and natural products have been used for centuries in every culture throughout the world. The Chenopodiaceae family with more than 1500 species is dispersed…

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