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Doom at Your Service (2021) Episode 7 + 8 – Indonesia, Español, English Sub ** Watch

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[Hugging Ending] Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk in a heart that cannot be controlled! – tvN 210531 broadcast

‘Perish’ Park Bo-young ♥ Seo In-guk, a dramatic reunion… Already in love [General]

Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk reunited dramatically.
In tvN’s’Annihilation came into the front door of my house one day’ aired on the 31st, a scene where Tokyo (Park Bo-young) and Ruin (Seo In-guk) share a reunion hug was depicted.
On this day, the destruction disappeared after the first kiss, and Tokyo set out in search of such destruction. However, no sign of destruction could be found.
All this was done by the girl god. The Goddess of the Girl showed her adored past to her demise and naturally said, “Because you seem to wander too much. Ironically, there was destruction at the beginning of all the misfortunes that Tokyo has suffered so far.
The girl’s god said, “Now, do you feel a little? What you did to him. You’re going to disappear after being loved by him? So you mean to be loved? To him, you? Make your dreams grow too. “You must have been doing something on the day that it started to appear in her hair,” he said.

Eventually, the destruction that stood in front of Tokyo again was “Where did you go? “Did you run away?” he asked, “I was kicked out. From your life to your life.”
Even when admiring admired him to explain to understand, he said, “I can’t explain to understand. You can’t even understand it anyway,” he said. In response, Tokyo said, “I can’t understand it. I don’t want to tell you,” he said, “Tell me your house. That way, even if you are kicked out again, I have a place to go.”
Destruction happily led such longing to my house, but he said, “If I get kicked out again, I can’t see me even if I come here. I made a mistake. It was a mistaken conclusion. You’re right. You can’t love me I can’t love you.”
Furthermore, “Your wish, I can’t hear you. It’s impossible to ask me to love you. Let’s stop, live together.”

When Tokyo came to mind, the destruction had already disappeared. As a result, Tokyo tried to call for destruction, but the destruction was still inexorable. Tokyo belatedly discovered signs of destruction, cut off the thread he left behind, and his condition worsened, and he was put in hospital.
So the girl god said, “Don’t go. You decided not to watch it. That’s a good thing. Don’t meet like that for a lifetime. No matter what happens to him, he lives like that.” But his destruction went to Tokyo.
Tokyo said, “I thought it would come. Are you hungry for not coming? Did you think I couldn’t find it if you hide? I did it. I know everything now. You can’t run away Before accepting my wish,” he poured out.
The end of the drama and the appearance of a smile with a smile in his arms predicted a deeper romance.

Doom at your service/EP7 Preview/ “you are miserable because I exist”

Doom at Your Service (2021) Episode 7 + 8 – has shared new stills ahead of tonight’s episode! Park Bo Young And Seo In Guk Hide Their True Emotions In “Doom At Your Service”

Doom at Your Service (2021) Episode 7 + 8 – The tvN drama is a fantasy romance drama about a character named Myul Mang (Seo In Guk), who causes everything he touches to vanish, and a woman named Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young), who puts her life on the line to avoid her fate. After going through life without any grand goals, Tak Dong Kyung suddenly receives the diagnosis that she only has 100 days to live. She calls for doom (myulmang) of the entire world, but instead is found by Myul Mang.


In the previous episode, Myul Mang kissed Tak Dong Kyung and displayed the feelings he had been holding back. But at that moment, Sonyeoshin (Jung Ji So) narrated that she was going to reset Myul Mang, whom she created, and Myul Mang suddenly disappeared.

New stills from the upcoming episode show Tak Dong Kyung and Myul Mang’s reunion. Myul Mang’s expression is icier than usual, and it’s almost as if he’s trying to hide his true feelings from her. Tak Dong Kyung also faces him with unwavering eyes, and subtle tension flows between them. Then suddenly, Tak Dong Kyung’s expression falls in pain, and her eyes fill with tears. What will happen to the relationship between Tak Dong Kyung and Myul Mang, who have just confirmed their feelings for each other?

The drama also unveiled stills of Lee Soo Hyuk and Shin Do Hyun. Lee Soo Hyuk plays Cha Joo Ik, Tak Dong Kyung’s co-worker at the editing office of a web novel publishing company called Life Story. Shin Do Hyun takes the role of Na Ji Na, a web novelist at Life Story who is Tak Dong Kyung’s best friend and Cha Joo Ik’s love interest.

Previously, Na Ji Na slowly started to get tangled in a love triangle with Cha Joo Ik and Lee Hyun Kyu (Kang Tae Oh). Na Ji Na signed an exclusive contract with Cha Joo Ik, a man she kissed for the first time without knowing his name, in order to make a top romance novel. At the same time, she became reunited with Lee Hyun Kyu and struggled with her feelings for him.

In the newly released stills, Na Ji Na visited Life Story, which is Cha Joo Ik’s workplace and the place where she’s affiliated with as a writer. Na Ji Na vents her anger to Cha Joo Ik, but her expression is shadowed with sadness. Cha Joo Ik listens to her sudden emotional outburst with an indifferent expression. When she sinks onto the floor and starts to tear out her hair, he stoops down beside her and gently comforts her. It will be exciting to see what direction their romance will head next.


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