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Doom At Your Service Episode 1 + 2 Special Appearance – Indonesia, Español, English Sub.

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[Exclusive] First room’Perish’ side “Thank you for your interest from the start of Park Bo-young ♥ Seo In-guk.. It will be more fun” (Interview).

‘One day, destruction came into the front door of my house’, the production crew delivered the expected points.

On the 10th, tvN’s Monday and Tuesday drama’Annihilation came into our door one day’ (hereinafter referred to as’destruction’) (director Kwon Young-il/screenplay Im Echo/Planning & Production Studio & New, Studio Dragon) was first broadcast.

On this day’s broadcast, the fateful encounter between human admiration (Park Bo-young) and the destruction of a special existence (Seo In-guk), which is the reason for all disappearing, was depicted.

‘Perish’ attracted viewers from the first broadcast with the chemistry of Park Bo-young and Seo In-guk, as well as the sensational direction of a mysterious atmosphere. The development that transcends excitement and tension made me look forward to the future.

In the first episode, the average of 4.2% of households in the metropolitan area, the highest of 5.2%, the average of 4.1% of the national households, and the highest of 4.9%, announced the cruise. TVN target male and female 2049 viewership ratings accounted for an average of 1.9% in the metropolitan area, a maximum of 2.6%, a national average of 2.1%, and a maximum of 2.8%, and ranked first in all channels including terrestrial, giving a green light to the box office. (Based on a paid platform incorporating cable, IPTV, and satellite/provided by Nielsen Korea)

Accordingly, the crew of’Perish’ told Herald POP, “From the beginning of the story, we are very grateful for the interest from the viewers. In addition to the fantastic chemistry of the actors, the atmosphere of the scene is always always present. I think I was able to quit a good start thanks to the best staff who made me warm.”

“In the future, we will show you how the protagonists love and end in the 100 days given to them, and how they will choose between the destruction of the world and the death of their loved ones. Episodes 2 and 3 are more fun than Episodes 1 , 4th episode is waiting, so you can look forward to it.”

In addition, the production crew said, “The existence of destruction itself is a fantasy, but I think that it is a great attraction point of our drama that everyone who lives in reality fully sympathizes and lets me imagine what to do in that situation. The story of Gina and Hyeon-gyu also seems to be a love story that reminds people of their first love. Viewers will be able to immerse themselves in the story of five people.”

On the other hand,’destruction’ is a life-saving fantasy romance of human admiration who risked his life in order not to disappear and disappear, which is the reason for everything disappearing. Today (11th), episode 2 will be broadcast.

Park Bo-young, Seo In-guk calling for destruction in the first room,’Perish’ time-limited [Comprehensive].

Park Bo-young, who was judged by the time limit, took the hand of Seo In-guk, who was’perishing’.

The first meeting of Tokyo (Park Bo-young) and destruction (Seo In-guk) was depicted in tvN’s ‘Destruction came into the front door of my house one day’, first aired on the 10th.

On this day, Tokyo couldn’t shed tears even after being judged for a limited time. Early on, Tokyo lost his parents at a young age and supported his only younger brother, Sunkyung (played by Dawon).

Seonkyung, who grew up in spite of being spoiled, begged for money without knowing the circumstances of Tokyo, and Tokyo calmly swallowed up anger and tears. Instead, he looked at his parents’ photos and said, “I can’t live. Will it hurt a lot?” he said bitterly.

After all, Tokyo, who was drunk after drinking alone, said, “The world is ruined. Perish. Destroy me!” I came to vomit.

This longing cry really sang’destruction’. When he found his home in Tokyo, he instructed him, “I came by calling.” Surprised Tokyoer asked, “Who are you?” and replied with a smile that “destruction” was “destruction”.

He continued, “Don’t useless force. Just do that, and you’re done right away. I asked you to destroy the world.”

Tokyo said, “Who are you? “What do you want?” he asked again, but his destruction was “I don’t have time for this. You’re over in exactly 100 days,” dismissing, “My birthday doesn’t come anytime. So, hurry up before it’s late,” he urged.

Nevertheless, when Tokyo misunderstood that he was seeing hallucinations on his own, ruin went directly into his dream and announced my existence.

Only then, Tokyo said, “So, are you perishing? Then you can destroy it yourself, why are you doing this to me?” In response, ruin is “I wonder if I haven’t done it?” Even if it doesn’t work, it’s because of the program’s will. To be honest, you are the Gap and I am I wonder if this is different. It is human will.”

“Why is that me?” asked repeatedly, “Because you are the only one who made that wish at that time. This will be just like an event. Destruction, be someone’s wish on the day you were born.”

Even in such a situation, Tokyo tried to ignore the existence of perdition, but perishing was broken down as a writer or as a kimbap business, and lingered around Tokyo.

To Tokyo, who thinks of himself,’Am I really crazy?’, destruction means “I’m not crazy. I’m really curious, but I hate the CEO and I don’t like the company. Why do you go to the company? Will you make me disappear? It’s also possible with a wish. Take my offer. “I can’t hear or see the heart of the person who made the appointment,” he said again.

At the end of the drama, Tokyo was on the verge of a traffic accident, and destruction saved him by stopping time.

Destruction is also “God is also on my side. Choose. Will you leave here or hold my hand?” he reached out to Tokyo. The appearance of Tokyo holding his hands embroidered the end of the drama, predicting the full-scale development of’Annihilation came into the front door of our house’.

Doom At Your Service Episode 1 + 2 Seo In Guk Surprises Park Bo Young With His Constant Presence In “Doom At Your Service” + Kim Ji Suk Making Special Appearance.

Doom At Your Service Episode 1 + 2 – tvN’s upcoming drama “Doom at Your Service” has revealed more stills leading up to its premiere!

“Doom at Your Service” is a fantasy romance drama about a supernatural being named Myul Mang (Seo In Guk), who causes everything he touches to vanish, and a woman named Tak Dong Kyung (Park Bo Young), who puts her life on the line to avoid her fate.

When Tak Dong Kyung finds out that she has only 100 days left to live, she angrily calls for the world to be “ruined”—which unexpectedly brings the supernatural Myul Mang, whose name is the literal Korean word for “ruin” or “destruction,” to her doorstep.

A new set of stills shows Myul Mang following Tak Dong Kyung’s every move, regardless of the time or place. Whether it be on her way to work or at a photo studio, Myul Mang constantly appears wherever she goes. Although surprised at first, Tak Dong Kyung eventually becomes unfazed by his presence, leading drama fans to anticipate the chemistry that is sure to result as they co-exist in the same spaces.

In particular, Myul Mang’s sweet smile, along with the innocent way his gaze fixes on Tak Dong Kyung, is making drama fans swoon for the supernatural being. However, it must not be forgotten that Myul Mang is in charge of death. This dark aura of destruction combined with his soft and sweet side are upping the anticipation for the drama.

“Doom at Your Service” will also feature a special appearance by Kim Ji Suk, who will play Tak Dong Kyung’s ex-boyfriend Jo Dae Han. In one still, his expression carries the weight of deep-rooted anger, and he looks as if he is picking a fight over something. Another still shows him in Myul Mang’s grasp, unable to move. Cheeks flushed as if he has been drinking, he looks perplexed and upset at the turn of events.

Kim Ji Suk received the opportunity to appear in the drama through his ties with director Kwon Young Il, whom he previously worked with in the drama “My Unfamiliar Family.” It was said that although Kim Ji Suk wasn’t a fixed cast member, he discussed the role endlessly with the director beforehand and threw himself into his role, making all of the staff members burst into laughter with his comedic acting.

The drama’s production team commented, “We extend our sincere thanks to Kim Ji Suk for accepting the offer to make a special appearance in the drama despite his busy schedule. An unexpectedly interesting scene was born thanks to the addition of his passionate acting. You can definitely look forward to Kim Ji Suk’s perfect synergy with Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk.”

“Doom at Your Service” premieres on May 10 at 9 p.m. KST and will be available with subtitles HERE.


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