• April 16, 2021

Hello, Me! (2021) Episode 3 rapper x rocker disguise? Español, Indonesia, English Sub.

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Hello? It’s me!’ Choi Kang-hee x Kim Young-kwang, the story of a wild flower key chain that will change debt relations?

Hello? It is me!’, Choi Kang-hee and Kim Young-kwang are actually more entangled in Mobius than the debt relationship.

23rd KBS2 Wednesday and Thursday drama’Hello? It’s me!’ Increased curiosity.

In the unveiled still, Yoohyun, with an expression full of curiosity, holds a wild flower key ring in her hand and looks at 37-year-old Hani with questionable eyes. On the other hand, 37-year-old Hani is looking at Yoohyun with an earnest glance in order to be handed a key ring of wild flowers that has a precious meaning to her.

In fact, this keychain is meaningful not only to Hani, but also to Yoohyun, and it is a precious object that has been kept until now, when he was 30 years old, since it came into Yoohyun’s hand as a child. The two people who met by chance at a police station detention center and started with a unique and comical relationship of debt relations continued to have a strange and pleasant meeting, adding debt relations over and over again.

This key chain, which is meaningful to both of the two who appeared in the middle, changes the debt relationship defined between Hani and Yoohyun and raises expectations as it gives new meaning to the relationship between the two.

The production crew said, “Hani and Yoohyun seem to be intertwined in a debt relationship, but when you look inside, they are actually a deeper and emotionally connected relationship. Please look forward to the relationship between the two of them like a hidden secret.”

Meanwhile, KBS2 drama’Hello? It’s me!’ is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm.


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