• July 28, 2021

Knowing Brother Episode 252 SEVENTEEN English Sub.

Knowing Brother 252

‘Knowing Brother’ SEVENTEEN, a complete entertainment stone with talk + game.. Even the Noonho River sword group dance ceremony.

In a scene Knowing Brother Episode 252 SEVENTEEN

Seventeen appeared in full on JTBC’s’Knowing Brother’ that aired on the night of the 24th, and showed the innate talk skills that caused automatic laughter and the explosive entertainment sensation shown through various games, as well as the perfect chemistry with the elder brothers. Showed off the face.

In another scene Knowing Brother Episode 252 SEVENTEEN

First, SEVENTEEN appeared with a lively energy and delivered a sense of introduction that made use of the characteristics of each unit, and the member The8 showed off her splendid dance skills and handed out the application form to catch the attention.

Subsequently, the members revealed the origin and future hope of each unique activity name to induce interest in viewers.Juneun is an entertainment that sublimates one word and one word into a dance by making use of the characteristics of the performance team in the’Guess me’ quiz conducted by unit. I showed my senses and made me laugh.

In addition, Hoshi, Seunggwan, and Dino, who were fans of SHINee, Wonder Girls, and Apink in the past, played a game of’Listen to Jeonju 1 Second and Match Songs’ with their pride in the performance of Seungkwan, nicknamed K-POP Associate Professor. Dino wrote a thrilling reversal drama by dramatically hitting Apink’s’LUV’, which took 100 points to flip at the last minute.

In latest scene Knowing Brother Episode 252 SEVENTEEN

In particular, Seventeen showed the climax of colorful entertainment with a’very nice’ game. Anything team, including Joshua and Dogyeom, exudes admiration by showing perfect teamwork and cutlery movements that match the beat, while Seungkwan, who was continuing an outrageous attack, accidentally inflicted a difficult attack on his team and added concessions to the team. Made her bedroom a sea of ​​laughter.

Lastly, through the game’Combine the Hips to Seventeen’, Seventeen has a sense of quickly getting the right answer to the problem and the ceremony money that was shown after correcting the correct answer.

As such, SEVENTEEN presents a Saturday full of joy to viewers by showing the features of the group full of energy through’Knowing Brother’, and many people are paying attention to the healthy laughter they will continue to give.


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