• May 13, 2021

Law of the Jungle Episode 445 – The girl of the month – English Sub.

Law of the Jungle Chu, the girl of the month, “The eldest daughter in the family, I don’t want to lean on anyone” (Jungle’s Law).

In the spring special feature of’ Law of the Jungle‘, a large number of fresh stars who resemble spring are together.

In the SBS entertainment program’ Law of the Jungle -Spring’, broadcast on the 17th, Chu, the girl of the month full of’juicy beauty’, actor Kim Hye-yoon,’Aewol Prince’ Nu’est Baekho,’Marin Boy’ Park Tae-hwan,’Trott’ Special warriors’ Park Gun and comedian Sang-ryul Sang-ryol together with Chief Kim Byeong-man present the spring of Jeju to viewers through exploration of the hidden natural heritage of Jeju Island, the island of life.

Among them, Hye-yoon Kim,’Jungle Newbie’, who is the first to challenge the jungle, and Chu, the girl of the month, play the role of’Jungle Endorphins’ and perform their special activities.

Through a pre-interview, Chu said, “I don’t want to lean on anyone because I’m the eldest daughter in the house, unlike the cute and tender image of the past.” In the meantime, “I want to try to make a fire and build a house when I go to the jungle,” and expressed a desire to light a fire.

In line with his determination, Chu showed a reversal from the beginning of his survival. Together with Kim Byung-man, he went out to find firewood and carried the heavy logs flashingly, while he succeeded in making a fire for the first time and earned the nicknames’Cheon Hajangsa Chu’ and’Fire Chu’, drawing attention.

In addition, Kim Hye-yoon surprised her bottle satisfaction with her amazing ability that was not like her first jungle challenge. In the first hunt, Kim Hye-yoon was in charge of the drama’SKY Castle’,’Whole School’s No. 1 Ye Book’ As if returning to the game, he discovered the prey crab with his extraordinary concentration and observation. Next, while explaining how to catch patience, it was reminiscent of ‘Thin-nim’ to believe and follow completely, earning the nickname ‘Sky Ge-seul’, and it quickly emerged as an expectation of bottle satisfaction.

Kim Hye-yoon delivered the secret of hunting and said, “I became a crab, I stood in the position of a crab, and thought about it.”

On the other hand,’new junglers’ Kim Hye-yoon and Chu’s outstanding performance can be confirmed at 8:55 pm’The Law of the Jungle-Spring’.


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