• June 17, 2021

LUCA: The Beginning Episode 8, Lee Son Finds Ji Oh and Gu Reum’s Hideout Español, Indonesia, English Sub

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LUCA: The Beginning Episode 8 – Kim Rae-won x Da-hee Dahee’s heartbreaking first kiss.

On the 23rd,’Luka: The Beginning’ side raised the excitement index with the heartfelt first kiss of Geo (played by Kim Rae-won) and Cloud (played by Da-hee Lee) who became each other’s saviors. The appearance of the two returning to their sweet daily routine after stopping their desperate struggles and chases adds to the curiosity.

In the broadcast on the 22nd, Cloud was accused of murder by Human Tech and became a public wanted person. To make matters worse, the cloud, who was even betrayed by team leader Choi Jin-hwan (played by Kim Sang-ho), joined Geo’s hand saying, “Go anywhere with me.” No matter how much the clouds push, Geo has no desire to run away. Keeping the clouds was the best thing and option Geo could do. So, the two headed to Seowoon Ranch, where Geo liked it, and predicted a new development.

In the meantime, Geo and the cloud in the released photo sit leaning against each other on a rainy night. Complex emotions are mixed on the face. The atmosphere of the two people who close their eyes and kiss each other gently arouses affection. Geo and clouds with a bright smile were also captured. The two enjoy a happy time like a newlywed couple. Geo’s face, who never falls off the side of the clouds, is full of comfort and excitement.

The sweet image of the cloud reading a book lying on Geo’s arm pillow seems to erase all the painful and painful memories. The smile of the two will be the happiness of the night before the storm, and attention is focused on the fate of the two being chased by the world.

In episode 8 of’Luka: The Beginning’, there is a change in the composition of relationships including Geo and Cloud. As the desires of the characters begin to become more complex, it is expected to face a new phase.

The production crew said, “Geo and Cloud became the only ones to each other in a crisis. The changes and choices of the two at the crossroads of fate are key to the turbulent development of the latter half. In Episode 8, another story unfolds for heading to a new stage. There will be a reversal beyond imagination.”

He then stimulated anticipation, saying, “Jung Eun-chae is specially appearing as a new person who will establish a confrontation with Hwang Jung-ah, the most powerful human tech.”

Born out of the selfishness of human beings like’more monsters than monsters’, Geo is at a crossroads. Geo’s choice, filled with anger and revenge, is the biggest variable in the development of the second half. Geo chose the clouds with everything behind. However, Humantech’s endless desire binds Geo even harder. Attention is drawn to the cloud and the fate of Geo.

The drama series LUCA The Beginining will enter episode eight.

This drama series tells the story of the character Ji Oh who has abilities like a monster and does not know who he really is and what happened in the past.

Assisted by a detective named Gu Reum , the two of them go on an adventure to find the truth about what happened in the past.

Previously on LUCA: The Beginning episode 7 , Ji Oh and Gu Reum finally met again at the Human Tech lab.

When Ji Oh tries to fight Lee Son (played by Kim Sung Oh), he loses control but is stopped by Gu Reum .

Meanwhile, after the incident, Ji Oh and Gu Reum are now being chased by the police.

After learning that chief detective Choi (played by Kim Sang Ho ) is treasonous and is targeting Ji Oh , Gu Reum then asks another co-worker, Kim Yoo Chul (played by Hwang Jae Yeol ) to help him save Ji Oh .

However, when Gu Reum calls and asks to bring a DNA sample, chief detective Choi becomes suspicious and tries to find out about the plan that Gu Reum is preparing for Ji Oh .

The drama series LUCA: The Beginning episode 8 will air on February 23, 2021. In Indonesia, this drama series can also be watched through the VIU streaming platform.


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