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Mine Episode 7 + 8 Warns Okjaen, “You can’t stay in this house without my permission” – Indonesia, Español, English Sub Watch.

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Bo-young Lee, Hyun-joon Jeong Declared bloody propaganda to Okjaeng, who could not give up! 

Mine(2021)Episode 9 Preview | Lee Bo Young X Kim Seo Hyung| Ep.9

‘Main’ Lee Bo-young warns “Don’t go overboard” to Okjayon who came to look for his son

 Lee Bo-young warned Ok Ja-yeon, who came to look for his son, saying, “Don’t be too busy.”https://cdn.interworksmedia.co.kr/js/media/tvrpt/pc/tvreport_www.tvreport.co.kr_NEWS_IP_640X360_CMTF.html

On the TVN’Mine’, which aired on the 30th, a warning from Hee-soo (played by Lee Bo-young) was drawn to Ja-kyung (played by Nature Ok) and Ji-yong (played by Hyun-wook Lee).

On this day, while Hee-su miscarried the child in his stomach, Seo-hyun (played by Kim Seo-hyung) declared that he would help him. Ja-kyung brazenly boiled seaweed soup for Hee-soo, and Hee-soo said, “Did I have a child? I lost a child. With what qualifications do I eat this, and with what qualifications do you do this to me?”

Ja-kyung said, “There is no one to call right now. I don’t want to show this to anyone,” he cried.

Eventually, Hee-su returned to Hyowon Street, hiding the facts of his inheritance. Ji-yong declared to Hee-soo that he would sit as the representative through the board of directors and said, “I will hand this crown to Ha Jun. “I’m scolded by you, and I’m awakened,” he instructed.

In response, Hee-soo said, “Will that be your way? Suhyuk is getting engaged this time. Well, Suhyuk is still Anne, but I’m worried about it.”

“I mean the last tutor. Not teacher Kang Ja-kyung, he’s a former tutor. So you quit. I spoke to that person. I need a tutor, but no matter how much I look at, there are no tutors like him.”

Heesoo said, “No matter how much I think about it, I don’t understand. Why did you hurry to fire you? It’s because I had to bring Kang Ja-kyung to this house, right?” He said, “It’s just a sound I just tried. It’s all past, what? I will forget everything and start over. Just to think about me, Ha-jun and you, the three of us,” he added.

“How did you get her out so easily? “Isn’t that a woman?” I did it for Hajun. At least it’s a mother,” he replied.

Only then Ji-yong said, “I’m really going to be the best. I wish it was a daughter. You have a stupid dad with a daughter. I wish to try that once.” Hee-soo laughed and said, “Leave it to me” and acted naturally.

Meanwhile, on this day, Seohyun called Ji-yong for vigilante. Ja-kyung brazenly said, “Give me my child,” to Ji-yong, who was angry, saying, “Where do you dare come here?”

Even after Hee-soo appeared, Ja-kyung said, “Ha-jun came to find it. It’s my child,” he exclaimed confidently. Ji-yong’s anger said, “It’s my child. Dad like you and fake moms are all gone.”

At the end of the play, he said to vigilante, “Don’t rush. Hee-soo warned, “Whoever is taking mine, whoever is,” was drawn, raising questions about the future development.

Lee Bo-young_ whose mental collapse with a sudden legacy

Mine Episode 7 + 8 – Seohyung Kim dealt with Okjaen instead of Boyoung Lee, who is pregnant. In the tvN Saturday drama’Mine’, which aired on the afternoon of the 29th, Jeong Seo-hyun (played by Kim Seo-hyung) warned Kang Ja-kyung (played by Ok Ja-kyung).

Mine Episode 7 + 8 – On this day, Seo Hee-soo (Lee Bo-young) slapped Kang Ja-kyung, who came to the Ilshinhoe, and questioned what his intention was. Ja-kyung said, “It is the place where the Ilshinhoe first reaped us, Ha-Jun and me,” and said, “I came home to find mine.” He declared, “You protect your child. I will protect my child.”

Jeong Seo-hyun, who was watching the situation, stepped out as a mediator and said, “Let’s talk to me again later,” and took care of Hee-soo. Looking at Hee-soo lying down, Seo-hyun said, “For now, think only of Ha-jun and Dong-seo. I will do all that Dong-seo wants to do.”

Hee-soo, who is pregnant, is at an unfavorable situation, so he will go ahead. Hee-su said, “I will do my job”, but Seo-hyun said, “I will meet her once. Make a good judgment about what you will protect. You shouldn’t get weak.”

Seohyun, who warned Kang Ja-kyung, “don’t think about going to my house without my permission,” found the real Kang Ja-kyung, who changed her status and even manipulated private documents. He explained, “I met Hyejin in Canada, where I was often traveling, and I heard the story. I wanted to help by asking that I can only find a child. I wanted to change my life in a year.”

Meanwhile, Ja-kyung Kang, who came into the house with Seohyun’s permission, called Ji-yong Han (played by Hyun-wook Lee) and said, “It’s over. Your wife knows who I am.”

In front of Seohyun, Ja-kyung said, “I will take Ha Jun. I did not die and left my 18-month-old baby in this house. I thought it would be better to raise him as a prince of Hyowon family. At that time, I was wrong and I am right. I came to correct it. Child I came to look for it,” he said boldly.

But Seohyun drew a line to him, who cheated on his identity as Kang Ja-kyung, saying, “Do you know that it can’t be done? What rights do you use to say that?” “I have evidence and witnesses to be buried socially. Will you try with us? Your criminal.” .

In recognition of the gong who seated Han Jin-ho (Park Hyuk-kwon) as the representative, Seohyun said, “I have no intention of being on your side.” I will.”

Then Ja-kyung said, “You shouldn’t do this to me. I don’t know what to do. I’m not Kang Ja-kyung or Lee Hye-jin, but Ha-Jun’s mother. Under the contract, I’m Ha-Jun’s tutor.” I can’t be in this house without,” he clearly expressed his will.

Lee Bo-young, who learned everything about’Mine’, eventually collapsed.

In the tvN entertainment program’Mine’, which aired on the 29th, the figure of Seo Hee-soo (played by Lee Bo-young), who learned that Han Ha-jun (played by Jung Hyun-jun) was the mother of Kang Ja-kyung (played by Ok Ja-kyung) was included.

Seo Hee-soo slapped Kang Ja-kyung, who introduced herself as’Lee Hye-jin’. Kang Ja-kyung brazenly said, “I am a member of the Ilshin Society too. I received an invitation, but he makes the welcome strange.” When Seo Hee-soo said, “What is the purpose?” Kang Ja-kyung said, “To find mine. You protect your child. I will protect my child.” Jeong Seo-hyun (played by Kim Seo-hyung) came out with a surprised Seo Hee-soo.

In shock, Seo Hee-soo lay down. Seo Hee-soo said, “It’s my problem. I’ll solve it” to Jeong Seo-hyun, who said he would help, but it wasn’t easy, not alone. Jeong Seo-hyun comforted Seo Hee-soo, saying, “I’ll meet that woman. I’ll keep it, I’ll throw it away, I have to judge properly. I can’t get weak.”

Jeong Seo-hyun went to the house where Kang Ja-kyung had worked before, looked for whereabouts, and planned to apply for him as a witness. On the way he was driving, Jeong Seo-hyun saw Choi Soo-ji (played by Kim Jeong-hwa). Choi Soo-ji called Jeong Seo-hyun, but Jeong Seo-hyun did not answer.

Jeong Seo-hyun really met Ja-kyung Kang. Kang Ja-kyung revealed her relationship with Lee Hye-jin (Ok Ja-gyeong) and confessed, “I wanted to help because I only wanted to find a child. I just wanted to change it for a year.”

Ja-kyung Kang came home despite Jeong Seo-hyun’s warning, and Ja-kyung Kang called Ji-yong Han (played by Hyun-wook Lee) and said that all the secrets had been revealed. Jeong Seo-hyun faces Kang Ja-kyung Jeong Seo-hyun asked Ja-kyung Kang what he wanted, and Ja-kyung Kang demanded that Han Ha-jun be taken. Kang Ja-kyung said, “I was wrong at that time and I am right now, so I came to correct it. I will find my child. I will make it happen.” Kang Ja-kyung said, “Isn’t it possible to be on my side, the child’s real mother? I made my husband take the place of the CEO,” but Jeong Seo-hyun did not nod.

As soon as Seo Hee-soo saw Han Ji-yong, he criticized Kang Ja-kyung, and Han Ji-yong lied, saying, “I thought I was dead too. I am confused.” Han Ji-yong told Seo Hee-soo that he should not believe in Kang Ja-kyung and should keep Han Ha-jun, and Seo Hee-soo became more confused. Jeong Seo-hyun, who encountered Han Ji-yong, warned, “I will kill you,” and said that he would keep Kang Ja-kyung by his side. Then, Jeong Seo-hyun ordered the main deacon (played by Park Sung-yeon) to monitor Hyowon, and Ja-kyung Kang came to himself.

Hee-su Seo also met Ja-kyung Kang. Kang Ja-kyung said, “I had no choice because my child was sick. I didn’t think I would be sick in this house, so I spent it.” Seo Hee-soo, who realized that what Kang Ja-kyung wanted was not revenge, but Han Ha-jun, asked, “Don’t hurt your child,” but Kang Ja-kyung refuted, saying, “Why do you think you’re going to get hurt?” Seo Hee-soo suggested, “I would rather have Han Ji-yong.”

Han Soo-hyuk (played by Cha Hak-yeon) heard that Kim Yoo-yeon (played by Jeong Lee-seo) was moving and confessed her feelings to Kim Yu-yeon to Jeong Seo-hyun. Jeong Seo-hyun said, “Stop at this point. That child will be unhappy, not you,” said Han Su-hyuk.

Han Ji-yong, who showed his true color, planned to hold an emergency board of directors and asked Yang Soon-hye (Park Won-sook) to be silent, saying that he would bring Han Ha-jun’s birth mother. Han Ji-yong threatened with Kang Ja-kyung, who would not withdraw, saying, “It’s not a fake, but this time I could really die.”

After dating Han Ha-jun, Seo Hee-soo carefully confessed the secret of the birth. However, Han Ha-jun already knew that he was not the parent of Seo Hee-soo. Although I was young, I remembered my first meeting with Seo Hee-soo. Han Ha-jun said, “I remember the smell of my mother. Shouldn’t I hate Mr. Ja-kyung Kang. Don’t drive me out of the teacher.”

Han Ji-yong expelled Kang Ja-kyung despite Jeong Seo-hyun’s warning. Seo Hee-soo, who saw Kang Ja-kyung being expelled, returned to his home, saying that he would take responsibility. Upon returning, Kang Ja-kyung confessed to Seo Hee-soo that it was Han Ji-yong who brought herself. Ja-kyung Kang revealed that he and Ji-yong Han and he had been meeting for two years, warned not to believe in Han Ji-yong.

In shock, Seo Hee-soo visited Yang Soon-hye. Yang Soon-hye also said that Han Ji-yong had planned everything. Hee-soo Seo even bleeds in a reality that he couldn’t handle and collapsed and was grim.


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