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Mouse (2021) Episode 12 ” Disarming the opponent’s “- English Sub.

Mouse Episode 12 Penuh Sub Indonesia Menonton
Mouse Episode 12 – Part A – Full Summary English Sub
Mouse Episode 12 Part + B + Full Summary English Sub
Episode sebelumnya 11 Sub Indonesia penuh

Watch: Lee Seung Gi And Park Ju Hyun Banter Playfully On Set Of “Mouse”

tvN’s “Mouse” released a new behind-the-scenes look at the drama!

“Mouse” is about an innocent and upright police officer named Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi) and a hardened detective named Go Moo Chi (Lee Hee Joon) who believes in nothing but revenge against the serial killer who murdered his parents. The two team up to track down an evil psychopathic predator.

The new making-of video begins with Lee Seung Gi and Park Ju Hyun rehearsing for the scene in which Park Ju Hyun gets drunk. She asks, “How should I pinch your cheeks?” Lee Seung Gi tells her to try, and Park Ju Hyun comments, “That’s cute,” while stretching his cheeks. Lee Seung Gi continues to tell her she can hit him anywhere she would like, but he adds, “Tell me beforehand if you’re going to slap my face. I have to clench my jaw. If I don’t, my mouth will bleed.”

Park Ju Hyun tells Lee Seung Gi to relax as she pulls him down, and Lee Seung Gi comments, “I should at least resist. If I come down too easily, it’s a little weird.” Park Ju Hyun laughs and asks, “Why is there no middle ground?” Park Ju Hyun also quietly asks for the script, but Lee Seung Gi loudly shares, “Please give Bong Yi (Park Ju Hyun) the script. I think she has forgotten the script.” Park Ju Hyun comments, “You’re going to say that so loudly?” Lee Seung Gi yells again, “Bong Yi must have forgotten her lines!”

After filming the scene, Park Ju Hyun asks if it hurt when she stretched his cheeks. Lee Seung Gi replies that it didn’t, and Park Ju Hyun comments, “Your cheeks are firm.” Lee Seung Gi adds, “There’s a lot to grab on to.”

Lee Seung Gi also can’t stop laughing while working with a child actor. The director coaches the child to reply loudly while smiling, and Lee Seung Gi jokes, “It sounds like he’s angry.” Before filming, Lee Seung Gi takes care of the child actor while he’s eating by pouring sauce for him.

In a separate interview, Kwon Hwa Woon shares, “Yo Han (Kwon Hwa Woon) is not dead. It’s already past the second half, and since the remaining episodes are also really interesting, please tune in.”

Finally, the actors and staff are hard at work filming intense action scenes in the rain. Despite the difficulty of the filming conditions, Park Ju Hyun still runs so fast that the camera misses her.

Watch the full making-of video below!

‘Mouse’ Is it Lee Seung-gi as we knew it?… Goosebumps look. ‘Mouse’ actor Seung-gi Lee plays the drama and emotions freely.

Mouse Korean TV Drama Series – On the 12th, TVN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’ (played by Choi Ran, directed by Choi Jun-bae) picked up the unexpected moment of Lee Seung-gi’s vote on the 12th.

Mouse Korean TV Drama Series – In the 11th episode, Jung Barum (Lee Seung-gi) meets Danielle (Jo Jae-yoon) and suffers from the shocking truth that “Sung Yo-han (Kwon Hwa-un) is being eaten by the brain.” And Jeong Barum appeared in front of Oh Bong-i (Park Joo-hyun), who had a fight with Kang Deok-soo (Jeong Eun-pyo), and after striking something with his empty eyes, he opened a brutal bloody ending that dragged the chains around, causing a chilly fear.

Above all, Lee Seung-gi perfectly expresses the opposite side of Jeong Bar-reum, which is an innocent young man and a cruel psychopath, as if it were a two-person role. Even when disarming the opponent’s borders with a maritime smile, he reassuringly leads the story full of reversals unique to’Mouse’ with a play and pole force that changes his face as if he became a completely different person when he had a’murder impulse’. . In this regard, we have gathered’Jeong Barum Table Sudden Moment,’ which is causing tension with overwhelming screen dominance.

Onbareum → Cold-Breaking sudden change moment, drunken Lee Hee-jun indiscriminate attack moment

Gomchi (Lee Hee-jun) was relieved of the suspicion of killing Woo Jae-pil (Jeong Seok-yong) by Jeong Bar-reum, and was troubled by the frustration of the goal of “going to the detention center where Han Seo-joon (Ahn Jae-wook) is located and killing it himself”. Eventually, when Gomochi, who was drunk with alcohol, visited Jeong Barum’s house and complained about it, Jeong Bar-reum, who was soothing Gomochi, shot out, “How long are you going to whining?” with a soaring annoyance at the moment. After defeating Gomochi, the dilemma of Jeong Ba-reum insanely striking his hand in order to suppress the urge to kill while screaming, “This is all because of you, Gomochi” with a full of fleshly eyes, triggers fear and regret at the same time. did.

“Harder, more, more!” The eerie moment of reenactment

Jung Bareum and Woo Hyeong-cheol (Song Jae-hee) inspiring foot murder and replay the incident, and Jeong Bar-reum tied a clothesline to his hands in a prone state and climbed on a rubber tooth. Began to tease. At this time, John Sung’s hallucinations of “harder, more, more” were heard, and Jeong Barum had tightly tightened his hands without even knowing. However, Jung Barum, who was full of screams from Gomuchi, returned to its original state, and with a face mixed with embarrassment and fear, he breathed wildly away from Gomchi and gave a goose bump.

“Why don’t you hesitate, press, press quickly” Park Joo-hyun’s attacking moment of black touch

Jeong Barum looked at Oh Bong-i (Park Joo-hyun), who had fallen asleep because he was drunk, and suffered from the hallucinations of Sung Yo-han, who once again encouraged murder, saying, “Press it, hurry up”. Eventually, Jeong Barum’s hand gradually went toward O Bong-i, and he was in a crisis situation immediately trying to squeeze Oh Bong-i’s neck. The moment when Jung Barum returned to his consciousness, he felt despair once more at his condition gradually eroding, and the scene of rushing out of the house even tightened the breath of the home theater.

“It’s so noisy, annoying…” At the moment of hide-and-seek horror,

Jeong Barum saw his nephew Hun- suk, who was clear and clear, and made another determination that he would not be encroached on by Sung John’s brain. However, while Jung Barum took Hunsuk home and played with him, he began to become annoyed by the whispering of Hunsuk, who continued to be bochae, and again suddenly turned his eyes and said, “It’s so noisy, annoyingly” to himself. . The appearance of Jeong Bar-reum walking through the dark corridor in search of hidden Hun-suk and quietly humming a hide-and-seek song made the viewer’s heart squeeze, raising the immersion of the work to its peak.

The production crew once said, “I want to hear the word that Lee Seung-gi is going to get creepy” through’Mouse’. As he wished, it is becoming the jeongba-reum itself, and it is raising rave reviews, saying, “I’m getting goosebumps.” “Part 2 of’Mouse’ tells more surprising and intense stories than the previous story. We look forward to the end,” he said.

Mouse Episode 12 is about to release next. So, 11 episodes of the drama have been aired. The mouse is an ongoing South Korean drama. Starring Lee Seung Gi, Lee Hee Joon, Park Joo Hyun, and Kyung Soo Jin in lead roles. The mouse is a crime thriller drama that is holding the ratings with a grip hold. The drama is performing really well and is also getting a good amount of rating from the viewers. It even surpassed the rest of the dramas and achieved the highest viewership rating in tvN among Wednesday Thursday drama of the past two years. The drama was in pre-production for a long time.

Starting 2020, the drama maintained a good grip on the buzzing news about the drama. The drama started filming soon after the cast got finalized. And it finally got released on 3rd March 2021. With a total of 20 episodes, the drama is currently doing great and successfully captured the attention of its numerous fans across the globe. Mouse airs every Wednesday and Thursday on the original network tvN. Each episode of the drama is approx 1hr 25min long in duration and will go off the air on 12th May 2021. A special episode of the drama was also released on 7th April with a duration of 60 mins.

The overall story of the drama revolves around the life of a rookie police officer. He works honestly and is true to his job. His life was going fine until one day; he got across a case that blew his mind. The psychopathic serial killer encounters him, and it blew his mind. He, along with his fellow officer try to inveil the incidents related to the serial murder case. The main characters of the drama include Jung Ba Reum, Ko Moo Chi, Oh Bong Yi, and Choi Hong Joo. The incidents about a psychopath’s ruthless and mass killings result in fear amongst the citizens. Police officer Jung Ba Reum along with Ko Moo Chi, decides to solve the mystery.

One sudden encounter with the psychopath completely changes the life of Jung Ba Reum. However, he survives the deadly encounter with the psychopath but starts having trouble with his own identity revelations. From understanding psychopathic behaviors to actually developing psychopathic behaviors, there is a thin line between the two. But when does one understand when to stop and when to declare the behaviors as psychopathic? The story of the dram is based on these massive questions, and one by one, the story will unveil them all.

What to expect from Mouse Episode 12.

Mouse episode 12 will resume from where it left off in the 11th episode. After losing the memory, Jung Ba Reum undergoes massive changes and fights with the evil inside himself. He tries with all his might to decline the negative thoughts, but yet something doesn’t seem right. Jung Ba Reum has to now fight himself with his constant hallucinating triggers of murder. How far will he be able to control himself will all be revealed in the next episode. Episode 11 also revealed dr. Daniel is still alive, and he calls Jung Ba Reum to truly state his current situation. The last episode ended on a cruel note, and how the authorities will find about it and how Jung Ba Reum will fight the evil within himself will all be revealed in the next episode.


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