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Mouse Episode 13 unfolds in earnest, expectations are raised as to what kind of development Sub English.

‘Mouse’ Lee Seung-gi, murder instinct finally explodes… Start of’blood runaway’

The 13th episode of tvN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’ (played by Choi Ran and directed by Choi Jun-bae) recorded an average of 5.7%, a maximum of 6.5%, an average of 5.4% and a maximum of 6.0% for households in the metropolitan area. In addition, the TVN target male and female 2049 viewership ratings recorded an average of 2.8%, a maximum of 3.3%, a national average of 3.2%, and a maximum of 3.5% in the metropolitan area, ranking first in all channels including terrestrial at the same time (a pay platform that integrates cable, IPTV, and satellite). Criterion / Provided by Nielsen Korea) In the

play , Barum Jeong (Seungki Lee) caused confusion in the investigation by making a sword other than the sword used for retaliation by Kang Deoksu (Eunpyo Jeong ), and Gomchi (Lee Heejun) was imprisoned in the prison for the evidence. I was confused after grasping the DNA of Jaesik Lee, who is in a state. And while checking the camera contents of Hong-ju Choi (Kyung Soo-jin), he discovered that a micro black box was attached to the handle of the bicycle of the reporter who first discovered the body of Kang Deok-soo. Bareum Jeong went to the reporter’s house, trembling with anxiety that he might have been photographed on the camera, but somebody already stole the black box and relieved the anxiety.

He went to meet Lee Jae-sik in person, wondering why the killer had planted Lee Jae-sik’s DNA. The patch on the sleeve of Kang Deok-soo’s T-shirt and the patch on Lee Jae-sik’s life clothes were the same. Lee Jae-sik also testified that he took the clothes he put on his own patch, saying, “I will wear it on a special day”. Because Kang Deok-soo wore Lee Jae-sik’s clothes for the first time on the day of the crime, the DNA of Lee Jae-sik remained, and it was judged that Lee Jae-sik’s DNA was detected in the knife because the knife was wrapped in the clothes, and eventually lamented at the investigation back to the origin.

However, at this time, Lee Jae-sik’s clothing repaired by Gumchi was pants with a patch on his knees, but Kang Deok-soo’s clothes were T-shirts, and he saw the difference that the killer had intentionally planted evidence. Meanwhile, Oh Bong-i (Park Joo-hyun) and Choi Hong-ju (Kyung Soo-jin), who worked together on the’Sherlock Hong-ju’ team, began to re-examine the water-based serial murder case that caused about 10 victims 20 years ago. Oh Bong-i thought that Kim Bong-cheol, who was serving as the culprit, may not be the real culprit, in that there was an attempted crime in Guryeong two years before the Suseong incident.

Through the testimony of Seong Ji-eun (Kim Jeong-nan), the victim of the attempted commanding incident, the criminal was identified in his 20s wearing a military uniform at the time, and the history of working at the relevant place was speculated according to the circumstances in which cadmium was detected in the body hair. At the time of the Suseong incident, Komuchi, Lee Jae-sik, worked at a nearby jeans dyeing factory, and questioned that the age range of the criminal was also consistent with him, and went to Lee Jae-sik’s stepdaughter. Hearing the testimony of his stepdaughter, he was convinced that Jae-sik Lee, who was encouraging, was the real offender and the real culprit of the Mercury incident. However, Lee Jae-sik had already left the detention center after being released for maturity.

Earlier, Jeong Barum asked Daniel Lee (Jo Jae-yoon) to identify Lee Jae-sik’s bloodstains with Kim Bong-cheol’s hair and drive tool buried in his tie, and among them, the DNA of Lee Jae-sik, a real criminal with a psychopath gene, was purposely planted in his raincoat and knife. In the end, he intuited that the next target was Lee Jae-sik, who was decided by the killer who murdered Kang Deok-soo.

Jeong Barum grabbed Lee Jae-sik, who was released from the prison, and tied Lee Jae-sik as Lee Jae-sik had done to the victims of the past, and then gagged his mouth. At this time, he was madly wandering through the lush bushes that arrived at the scene, and was astonished when he found something, and while Jeong Barum was attacking Lee Jae-sik, he raised his eyes eeriely toward the place where popular friends came. The ending, where the two men’s bright eyes in the dark faced intensely, gave a feeling of anxiety.

On the other hand, Oh Bong-i received a report from the reporter of the Gang Deok-soo case that he had conclusive evidence related to the case, but the reporter had a mysterious traffic accident on the way he brought a USB with the video, and the perpetrator appeared at the scene of a traffic accident in Gomchi. The fact that he was a tattoo man was shocked. And Oh Bong-i, who went to the hospital where the reporter was carried, got a USB from the reporter and froze when he saw Jeong Barum’s face in the video. What is the identity of the tattoo man appearing at the decisive moment, and whether Goomchi also recognized Jeong Barum as the true culprit of the incident, he brought attention to the rest of the story.

‘Mouse’ 13 Lee Seung-gi, Lee Hee-jun x Park Joo-hyun caught predator murder’Shock’ [General]

‘Mouse’ Lee Hee-jun witnessed Lee Seung-ki’s crime.
In episode 13 of the tvN Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’, which aired on the 15th, Jeong Barum (played by Lee Seung-gi) was depicted in the second murder of Predator Lee Jae-sik.

On this day, Barreum Jeong used his hand so that Shin Sang (Pio) could find the tool of the crime. Eventually, Shin Sang discovered a criminal tool that cut the genitals of Kang Deok-soo (Jeong Eun-pyo), and thanks to that, Oh Bong-i (Park Joo-hyun) was released.

Afterwards, inspiring Jeong Bar-reum, “There was a DNA other than Kang Duk-su’s DNA from that crime tool. The result was unconvincing. I’m confused. How do I take this situation? I’m a prisoner.” He said.

Jeong Bar-reum said, “How is the DNA of a person in prison here,” and encouragingly said, “That’s why I am confused. It must have been deliberately planted. It’s about putting up drugs. We planted the DNA of a person in the prison where 100% alibi is proven. “I’m sure you guys can’t catch me, no matter how much you try to catch me. Confidence in the police, comfort, and ridicule.”

In particular, Yuna knew that the real beom who killed Kang Deok-su was Gomchi. Barreum Jeong approached Yoona with a brick, and Yoona promised, “Thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here right now. I’ll be dead already? I’ll keep a secret until I die.”

Jeong Barum saved Yoona alive, and Daniel Lee (Jo Jaeyoon) said, “Now, the good instinct is holding down the predator instinct. The murder instinct has been resolved with Kang Deok-soo. It will be silent for the time being.”

In addition, Oh Bong-i became the youngest writer in the team of Choi Hong-ju (Kyung Soo-jin). Oh Bong-i accidentally met Kim in prison, and learned that Kim was tortured by the police and falsely confessed that he was the real culprit in the Suseong serial murder case.

With the help of Jeong Barum, Oh Bong-i investigated the Mercury serial murder case, and found that among the attempted cases, there was a case similar to the Mercury serial murder case. At the time, the victim of the attempted incident was Seong Ji-eun (Kim Jeong-nan), and Oh Bong-i visited Seong Ji-eun to report.

However, the broadcasting station canceled the broadcast by saying that it was related to the prosecution and cheating. Jeong Barum deliberately told reporters that Kim’s daughter is the prospective daughter-in-law of Candidate Shin Sung-min and Shin Sang (Pio)’s girlfriend.

Candidate Sung-min Shin’s interview was reported through the media, and the’Sherlock Hong-ju’ team was able to broadcast the Suseong serial murder case as scheduled.

Da-seul met Kim and said, “I woke up to go to the bathroom that day, but my dad wasn’t there. I didn’t sleep and waited for a while, but my dad came in, but my whole body was wet in the rain and my pants were covered with mud and grass. The tenth day the next day, I saw the news that the victim was found near my house. I couldn’t tell anyone,” he confessed. After visiting her daughter Da-seul, Kim tried to commit suicide by herself.

Not only that, I met Lee Jae-sik’s daughter. Lee Jae-sik was imprisoned for accidentally murdering a man who tried to rape his daughter, but there was a truth that has not been revealed so far. 

Lee Jae-sik’s daughter testified, “Isn’t it necessary to run away? Lee Jae-sik was trying to rape. The brother, who had been riding in the middle, looked at it and tried to save me. The younger struck him with bricks.”

Gomchi shot, “You should have told the truth at the time,” and Lee Jae-sik’s daughter was shocked, saying, “If you tell the truth, you will kill me and my mother. I was so scared. Is Lee Jae-sik the real culprit of the Suseong serial murder case?”

In addition, Jung Barum killed the second predator Lee Jae-sik under the direction of Daniel Lee, and witnessed the scene while he was chasing Lee Jae-sik.

Meanwhile, Oh Bong-i increased the tension in the play, noticing that Jeong Barum had murdered Kang Deok-soo.

‘Mouse’ Lee Seung-gi “I almost killed a child” Despair over the murder instinct

‘Mouse’ Lee Seung-gi suffered from his murder instinct.
In episode 13 of the tvN Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’, which aired on the 15th, Jeong Barum (played by Lee Seung-gi) was drawn to save Yoona.

On this day, Yoona knew that Jeong Barum was the real culprit who killed Kang Deok-soo (Jeong Eun-pyo). Jeong Barum approached her with a brick to murder Yoona, and Yoona promised, “Thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here now. I’ll be dead already? .

Afterwards, Jeong Barum suffered, saying to Daniel Lee (Jo Jaeyoon), “I almost killed the child.”

Daniel Lee said, “The promise was an excuse and I couldn’t kill it,” and Jeong Barreum asked, “How did you think I wouldn’t kill Yuna?”

Daniel Lee explained, “Now, the good instinct is holding down the predator instinct. The murder instinct was resolved with Kang Duk-soo. It will be silent for the time being.”

‘Mouse’ Lee Seung-gi and Lee Hee-jun hide the truth Manipulate the criminal tool.

‘Mouse’ Lee Seung-gi has hidden the truth.

In episode 13 of the tvN Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’, which aired on the 15th, the figure was depicted hiding the fact that Jeong Barum (played by Lee Seung-gi) murdered Kang Deok-soo (Jeong Eun-pyo).

On this day, Gomchi revealed to Barum Jeong that O Bong-i (Park Joo-hyun) was able to be released thanks to the discovery of the crime tool. But the real culprit was Jeong Bareum. Jeong Barum had written his hand so that Shin Sang (Pio) could discover the tools of the crime.

Gomchi confessed, “There was a DNA other than Kang Deok-su DNA from that crime tool. It was unconvincing. I was confused. How do I take this situation? I’m a prisoner.”

Jeong Barreum pretended to be surprised, saying, “How is the DNA of a person in prison here,” and inspiring, “That’s why I’m confused. It must have been deliberately planted. It’s putting up drugs. It’s a 100% alibi certified DNA of a person in prison. The fact that you planted it means that no matter how much you try to catch me, you can’t catch me. Confidence in the police, leisure, ridicule, etc.”

Jeong Barum asked, “Is that really the reason?”, raising the tension in the play.

Mouse‘ Park Joo-hyun, Action Bong plays an active part… Deep emotional acting is a bonus.

Previous Episode 12 of Mouse Sub English
Episode Sebelumnya 12 dari Tikus Sub Indonesia

Mouse‘ actor Park Joo-hyun showed a sharp action scene and deep emotional acting.

In the tvN drama’ Mouse‘ (played by Choi Ran and directed by Choi Jun-bae), which aired on the 14th, Park Joo-Hyun showed off the appearance of Oh Bong-i in a total of 10 stages, raising the level of immersion in the play.

On this day, Park Joo-hyun seems to know something about the death of Kang Deok-soo (Jeong Eun-pyo), but he raised viewers’ concentration by expressing the complex and subtle emotions of Oh Bong-i who keeps silence.

Oh Bong-i discovers that a banknote he gave to Gomuchi (Lee Hee-jun) in the past fell at the site of the murder of Kang Deok-soo. Park Joo-hyun pulled out Oh Bong-i’s emotions in every cut, which was entangled with a feeling that he thought that Gomchi killed him and that he had revenged Kang Deok-su on his behalf, but hoped that the crime would not be detected, empowering the development of the play. .

Also, on this day, the remarkable performance of’Action Bongi’ also stood out. In Komuchi’s imagination, the figure of him overpowering Kang Deok-su is depicted. In fact, it is said that Park Joo-hyun easily digested the high-difficulty action even in the harsh rain.

Like this, Park Joo-hyun depicts Oh Bong-i, who has grown further, whether it is external or internal. As the second act of’Mouse’ unfolds in earnest, expectations are raised as to what kind of development Park Joo-hyun will lead as the leading actor.


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