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Mouse Episode 18 + 19 blood, sweat, and tears, Wrenching Tears After Discovering Mysterious Photo – Indonesia, Español, English Sub.

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What is the identity of Aunt Lee Seung-gi of’Mouse’? Personal relationship also Park Jin-gam↑

‘Mouse’ Lee Seung-gi and Kang Mal-geum face each other’s true identity in front of the terrible truth, and the’Last Encounter’ unfold.

tvN Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’ (played by Choi Ran/Director Choi Jun-bae/produced High Ground, Studio Invictus) In the last broadcast, Jeong Barum (played by Lee Seung-gi) put together pieces of truth related to his fake life and repeated confusion. Was drawn. The characters around Jeong Bar-reum are also gradually approaching the historical reversal that Jeong Bar-reum is a predator, while Oh Bong-i (played by Park Joo-hyun) discovers the’Predator’s Scar’ on Jeong Bar-reum’s left arm, and a’detection ending’ unfolds. It took the breath of the home theater.

In the 19th episode of’Mouse’, which airs at 10:30 pm on the 13th, Lee Seung-gi shakes his life all over and faces Kang Mal-geum, who suddenly disappeared. A scene in the play where Jeong Barum and aunt (by Kang Malgeum) sit side by side on a rare beach and talk. Jeong Barum is a reminiscent face that seems to burst out of anger at any moment, but her aunt begins to tell a long story with a calm and calm expression, with neither the beginning nor the end. On the other hand, Jeong Barum, who listened to this, seldom seems to be subject to emotions, raising tension. It is raising interest in how Jeong Barum could have found her aunt who had hidden her appearance, whether Jeong Barum was a member of the OZ team, and finally, what shocking confession her aunt would have delivered to Jeong Barum.

On the other hand, Lee Seung-gi and Kang Mal-geum expressed their dark eyes, trembling expressions, and tone of the play that faced each other in a completely different situation. In addition, the two showed passion and affection for the work by sitting side by side and constantly talking about the work and the character, even when they are not shooting.

The production crew explained, “In episode 19 of’Mouse’, the aunt who played the biggest role in relation to the manipulated memory of Jeong Barum re-appears, increasing the sense of tension and excitement.” For what reason they are doing this terrible thing, please check through this broadcast.”

Meanwhile, tvN’Mouse’ episode 19 will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 13th.

‘Mouse’ Lee Seung-gi, tracking behind OZ… I met Jung Ae-ri’Shock’ [General]

Seong Ji-eun despaired, saying, “I took out a living child’s brain. Our John,” Han Seo-jun mocked, saying, “You saved it. Jeong Ba-reum. It’s your return to me. .

Jeong Barum also realized that he was Seojun Han’s son, and said,’I was Seojun Han’s son. He knew I was a son. So I was angry, saying,’Sung John-eul’ to save me.

Also, Choi Hong-ju was Park Doo-seok’s daughter. Choi Hong-ju was kidnapped by Seo-jun Han as a child, and was neglected because Seo-jun Han was arrested.

In particular, Choi Hong-ju turned to Han Seo-joon, and Han Seo-joon said, “You got out of it. You should have killed me at that time.” Choi Hong-ju warned, “Aren’t you curious about the reason I came to you? I’m going to kill you. In the worst way. I’m looking forward to it. It’ll be more than I imagined,” he warned.

Not only that, but Jeong Barum found a fake aunt (Kang Malgeum). Barreum Jung accused him, “What are you?” and the fake aunt said, “I’m a former fencing player at the National University, and I joined the company. I found out that there is a private organization called Oz in the company, and I applied. I was in charge of it,” he confessed.

The fake aunt explained, “My predecessor was Song Soo-ho. After I killed your family, I quit my job because of guilt and I was put in urgently,” he explained.

Jeong Barum lamented, “I was a complete Truman. Can I not meet John Sung because I had a car accident deliberately when I chased Sung Yo-han?”

The fake aunt said, “I was late to know that Dr. Daniel had spoken to Sung Yo-han, but I thought that if Sung Yo-han told you everything, the plan would be in vain.”

Further, the fake aunt emphasized, “Even if you didn’t try to kill him, John would have died in their hands anyway. That person is full of strong convictions. Because I once thought that conviction was right.” Jeong Barum received a journal from her fake aunt reporting what had happened so far. 

Afterwards, Jung Barum met Choi Young-shin and raised the tension in the drama, saying, “Dr. Daniel asked me to kill me a while ago. That address was here.”

In episode 19 of the tvN Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’, which aired on the 13th, Jeong Barum (played by Lee Seung-gi) met Choi Young-shin (Jeong Ae-ri

On this day, Seong Ji-eun (Kim Jeong-nan) visited Han Seo-jun (Ahn Jae-wook) when Park Doo-seok (guide) threatened with a child born between Sung Yo-han (Kwon Hwa-un) and Choi Hong-ju (Kyung Soo-jin).

Seong Ji-eun asked to let him know where Park Doo-suk’s daughter was, and Han Seo-jun said, “Grandchild? Where am I? My blessing killed us. As soon as I was born, with your own hands,” said Han Seo-jun.

Seo-joon Han revealed that he had undergone brain transplant surgery while John Seong was alive, knowing that Jeong Bar-reum was his own son.

The 18th episode of tvN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’ (played by Choi Ran and directed by Choi Jun-bae), aired on the 12th, recorded an average of 5.5% and a maximum of 5.8%, based on the nationwide household ratings survey company Nielsen Korea. In addition, the TVN target male and female 2049 viewership rate recorded an average of 3.2% and a maximum of 3.4% nationwide, ranking first in all channels including terrestrial at the same time.

In the play, Barum Jeong (Lee Seung-gi) received an unknown text containing Song Soo-ho’s identity and then went to Song Soo-ho to retaliate and murdered him, and this led to a situation where he burst out his repressed murder instinct. In addition, I remembered that the murder instinct that had been silenced after brain transplant surgery rose up after seeing the scene of a case that imitated my own murder pattern in the past, and I realized that there is some kind of force that triggers the murder instinct. Jeong Barum thought that Danielle (Jo Jaeyoon) was also closely related to a series of experiments conducted with him and Sung Yohan as mice, and Danielle confessed that he knew that Jeong Barum was a predator.

In the past, Danielle received an interview request from Choi Hong-ju (Kyung Soo-jin) regarding a serial murder suspected of being a psychopathic crime, and he quickly returned home with anxiety about being one of the fetuses with the two psychopathic genes he discovered. At the same time, he was convinced that Jeong Barum, a survivor of the murder of the Guryeong family, was a predator, and at the same time, another child, Sung Yo-han (Kwon Hwa-un), decided that he had 1% of the genius gene. Later, in order to prevent Jung Barum’s runaway, he was attacked by a member of the OZ team when he went to meet with Sung Yo-han for help, and when he was about to be attacked, even Sung Yo-han was attacked. Confessed.

Meanwhile, Gomchi (Lee Hee-jun) confirmed Jeong Bar-reum as a psychopath who committed serial murders under Kang Deok-soo after seeing Jeong Bar-reum in the black box video of a dead OZ team member, but when the black box memory card, which will be the decisive evidence at this time, disappears, it is difficult. I did it. Lee Min-soo (Kim Min-soo) thought it was the work of the encouraging man and blamed him, and after seeing it, Jeong Bar-reum was confused that Lee Min-soo could also be a member of the OZ team. When Jeong Barum secretly visited Lee Min-soo’s house, Gomuchi also arrived at the site, and Jeong Bar-reum discovered that it was true that he killed Kang Deok-soo to protect Oh Bong-i (Park Joo-hyun) by Go-mchi, but he did not know the other killings. And since I will be paid for killing Kang Deok-soo, I begged for time only until I got the person who killed the Nazi country (Lee Seo-jun).

While looking at the evidence of the Song Soo-ho case, Jeong Barum realized that Song Soo-ho had been supporting Michaela on a regular basis, and remembered that Michaela, whom she had met earlier to cover the case, was waiting for her brother who did not come, and was wrapped in anxiety. And Jeong Barum, who visited Michaela, learned that Song Soo-ho accidentally harmed all of her parents by looking down at one mother to kill Jeong Bar-reum, and his younger brother Jae-min was also sacrificed in the process of setting a fire to cover up this. And just before the fire, Jaemin was shocked to receive the truth of the murder of the Guryeong family, which said that Jae-min sent his younger sister Jae-hee out of the house.

Jeong Barum faced his lost younger brother Michaela, and Michaela, suffering from Servant Syndrome, recounted the confessions that John Sung visited him in the past. After seeing the eyes of Jeong Barum, who visited the hospital at the time of the Nazi incident, John Sung recognized that he was the same person as Jae-hoon Jeong in the past, and when the incident broke out after receiving a request for help from Danielly, he hid Danielly from the eyes of the OZ team. Accordingly, Jeong Barum began to reconsider the meaning of the last words, “In this world, you and I are the only ones” that Sung Yohan conveyed to Jeong Jae-hee.

On the other hand, Choi Hong-ju helped Danielle escape from being accused by Jeong Bar-reum, and Danielle went to find the lost Jennifer’s photo with Choi Hong-ju and finally encountered the OZ team. Choi Hong-joo quietly looked at Danielle leaving behind by the OZ team, raising his curiosity by spitting out meaningful words, “D-day is not long.” In addition, despite Jeong Bar-reum’s confession, he realized that the inspiring Nazi case, which still did not raise suspicion of the real criminal, had only relied on Jeong Bar-reum’s statements, and gave new conviction that Jeong Bar-reum’s testimony could be false. Finally, O Bong-i was overwhelmed with extreme fear when the cut on the left arm he had inflicted in the previous fight with the Predator was discovered in Jeong Barum. At this time, Jeong Barum, who woke up from sleep, grabbed Oh Bong-i’s wrist, and the ending spreading his cold eyes amplified the anticipation for the next episode.

On the 12th, 935 Entertainment unveiled the appearance of Park Joo-hyun, who does not put the script on the set of tvN Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’ (played by Choi Ran, directed by Choi Jun-bae).

In the photo, there is a passionate appearance of Park Joo-hyun who does not let go of the script anytime, anywhere outside the camera. Even when the camera is turned off, I can feel his sincerity in dealing with the drama from the sincere appearance of constantly worrying without letting go of the script.

It is said that he made the scene hot with his untiring acting passion, such as analyzing characters and constantly researching through many conversations with the director even during his break.

Park Joo-hyun’s love of the script, which is well received by viewers, depicts Oh Bong-i’s inner growth in detail, and Oh Bong-i’s character shines.

On the other hand,’Mouse’ starring Park Joo-hyun ends up confronting the most vicious predator, called the top 1% of psychopaths, between Jeong Bar-reum, a well-known young man and a local cop, and Gom-chi, a lawless detective who lost his parents and ran for revenge by a killer as a child. This is a full-scale human hunter chase drama depicting the turn of fate. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 pm.

‘Mouse’ Lee Hee-joon, Lee Seung-gi accused of “you are a psychopath”

In episode 18 of the tvN Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’, which aired on the 12th, Gomuchi (played by Lee Hee-jun) was drawn to blame Jeong Barum (Lee Seung-gi).

On this day, he struck a fist at Barreum Jeong, who was a rubber girl, and accused him of being “you are a psychopath.” Earlier, through the encouraging black box video, he confirmed that Jeong Barum was at the scene of the murder.

At this time, Oh Bong-i (Park Joo-hyun) appeared and held back Gomchi. Oh Bong-i was dragged into the hands of other police officers, and he urged him, “You killed. Kang Deok-soo, Lee Jae-sik, Kim Byung-tae. Why don’t you say no. Right? You killed it?”

‘Mouse’ Lee Seung-gi hid the fact that Lee Hee-jun is a psychopath.http://www.mediacategory.com/servlet/adBanner?from=http%3A//www.xportsnews.com/%3Fac%3Darticle_list%26cate_id1%3D178&s=23219&iwh=250_250&igb=61&cntad=3&cntsr=3
In episode 18 of the tvN Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’, which aired on the 12th, Jeong Barum (played by Lee Seung-gi) was depicted lying to Gomuchi (Lee Hee-jun).

On this day, Jeong Barum became anxious when Gomchi chased him. Gomchi thought that Jeong Barum had murdered Kang Deok-soo (Jeong Eun-pyo), Lee Jae-sik, and Kim Byung-tae, and Jeong Bar-reum struggled to find out what evidence Gomchi had.

In particular, Jung Bar-reum confessed to Gomchi, saying, “That’s right. I killed it. I took my grandmother’s knife and cut it and put it there. I killed Bong because it was dangerous and I thought I would kill Bong. I killed him.”

Gomchi asked, “Do you know Bong?”, and Jung Barum said, “That’s why we broke up. Lee Jae-sik and Kim Byung-tae don’t know what the detectives see and do,” he said.

“Why did you go in front of the prison on the day Lee Jae-sik was released,” said Gomchi, and Jung Bar-reum thought, “I was shot in front of the prison.”

Jeong Barum said, “I got a phone call. I asked Choi PD for his contact information in Dong-gu. I told him that Suseong Jinbeom was supposed to be Lee Jae-sik. 
If that is true, Lee Jae-sik is a dangerous guy,” he said.

“Why did you go to Kim Byung-tae’s house,” said Gomchi.

Jeong Barum said, “When I left my grandmother in the kitchen, Kim Byeong-tae stated that something was poured over the child’s head. At that time, I thought it was bullshit, and I passed by, but I went into Kim Byeong-tae’s house because I was sorry. There was nothing special, so I just came out.”

Jeong Bar-reum asked, “I’ll be guilty of killing Kang Deok-soo. Please give me time until I catch the guy Chi-guk killed.” “I said,” he said.

Jeong Barum said, “I’m going crazy because of them, too. Who the hell are they?”

Jeong Barum said,’I know I’m too brazen and abominable, but please wait a bit. I will receive them and be punished.’

Mouse Episode 18 ++++++++++ Lee Seung-gi, Lee Hee-jun, Park Joo-hyun, and Kyung Soo-jin’s behind-the-scenes cuts were released with passion and affection for the works.

Mouse Episode 18 *******************tvN Wednesday and Thursday drama’Mouse’ (played by Choi Ran, directed by Choi Jun-bae) released a still on the 11th.

‘Mouse’ is leading a favorable reception for the unpredictable story that repeats reversal and reversal and the good performance of actors who have made use of the unique charm of a thriller genre. Above all, in the last broadcast, Jung Barum (Lee Seung-gi) was frozen in front of the shocking truth that everything surrounding him was false, amplifying expectations for the next episode.

In this regard, the behind-the-scenes cut that poured out blood, sweat and tears to complete the’Mouse’ scene where there is no scene that’Mouse’ Lee Seung-gi, Lee Hee-jun, Park Joo-hyun, and Kyung Su-jin are throwing away every time is drawing attention. Above all,’Mouse’ was a full-fledged thriller genre, so there were various action scenes such as intense fighting scenes and chase scenes. ‘Mouse’ to Bon2B’s predator Lee Seung-gi as Jung Barum and Lee Hee-jun as lawless detective Komuchi Komchi as well as Park Joo-hyun as Oh Bong-i, who lived up to date with trauma as a child, and Choi Hong-ju as avid PD Choi Hong-ju, who kept secret past history. The actors have been constantly striving to practice physical fitness and action.

The four members in the photo constantly matched with the other actors, exchanged opinions with the on-site PD and martial arts director, and then ran to the monitor after the filming was over and carefully checked their performances and movements in the camera. In addition, Lee Seung-gi, who had to do the most of the action, asked the other actor to say hello every time after shooting, making him feel the reassurance of the leading actor with a responsible aspect.

In addition,’Mouse’ was often broken in front of various violent events, sometimes angered, and because of the amount of drawing the amplitude of emotion in three dimensions, delicate concentration was required. The four-member actor attracted attention with the appearance of quietly reading the script throughout the preparation and calmly grasping emotions ahead of the scene that required extreme emotions to erupt. And with the sound of a shot, the emotions were quickly raised, tears burst, and anger was expressed, raising the level of immersion.

Like this, despite the continuous tension of sweating in your hands, the heartbreaking scenes of Seunggi Lee and Joohyun Park melted the minds of the viewers. Lee Seung-gi and Park Joo-hyun breathed naturally, soaking in the emotions, and gave warmth by patting each other’s backs at the same time as the cut sound.

The production crew said, “All the actors of’Mouse’ who do their best anytime, anywhere are exuding more and more passionate passion as they reach the end of the work. Thanks to the actors, I think that a high-quality work has been made.” This remains. Please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, episode 18 of’Mouse’ will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 12th.

Lee Seung Gi Sheds Heart-Wrenching Tears After Discovering Mysterious Photo In “Mouse”


Previously, Jung Ba Reum (Lee Seung Gi) went into panic mode after realizing everything surrounding him was a lie. In addition, Go Moo Chi (Lee Hee Joon) found out that Lee Seung Gi had been at the crime sites where the criminals hadn’t been identified.

Newly released stills of episode 18 show Jung Ba Reum, a psychopathic predator who gained emotions after his brain surgery, pouring out his grief. Jung Ba Reum discovers a photo and freezes in shock. His eyes well up with tears, and he struggles to hold back his cries. However, he breaks down while clutching the picture against his chest. Curiosity is mounting over what kind of picture he found and why he started sobbing as soon as he saw it.

As soon as Lee Seung Gi arrived at the set, he talked with director Choi Joon Bae and worked on his emotions in order to portray this scene as naturally as possible. He then perfectly performed this scene by trying to endure his sadness at first but then bursting into uncontrollable tears later on. Moreover, it is said that Lee Seung Gi showed professional attitude on set by monitoring his scene and checking the details even when he hadn’t recovered from his emotions yet.

The drama’s production team commented, “As many events and twists have erupted in succession, we tried to compress the past narrative clearly again to help viewers understand the plot and increase their interest. Please look forward to the rest of the story about how Jung Ba Reum, who has learned about his past as a guinea pig, will face the huge truth that will gradually reveal himself.”


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