• February 25, 2021

Mr. Queen Episode 3 Preview + Info – Español, Indo, English Sub.

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Mr. Queen

Shin Hye-seon’s move, proving the value of an actor, is a hot topic.

Mr. Queen Shin Hye-seon is playing a hard-carried hot performance by playing the role of So-Yong Kim, who is the soul of Blue House Chef Jang Bong-Hwan (played by Choi Jin-hyuk), who lived freely in tvN’s new Saturday drama’The Queen Iron Man’. Among them, Shin Hye-seon is demonstrating his unique character’s digestibility by absorbing Jang Bong-hwan’s tension from the world in his noble appearance. His appearance, which exudes a variety of energy and charm in every scene that appears, gives a pleasant immersion that cannot be taken off the eye, and is creating a new breeze in the home theater.

Mr. Queen Most of all, Shin Hye-seon’s reckless charms, which he has never seen anywhere else, act as the main points that make the play more enriching. The beautiful woman in the play is well received by Shin Hye-seon, who contains the spirit of Bong-Hwan, a master of rapid change of posture, such as her vigorous instincts that cannot be overlooked and her unstoppable actions in front of Cheoljong (played by Kim Jeong-hyun). The situation that follows.

In episode 2, Mr. Queen which aired on the 13th, a spectacular day unfolded, which reached the first day as a heavy war after successfully passing the happily with Cheoljong. In particular, Cheoljong pretended to have a hot night on the first night, so he felt uncomfortable throughout. However, due to the memories of the original use that came along with pain, I learned that Cheoljong was only pretending to lie in a confrontation in order to deceive the forces of Kim who urged Hap Gung. Accordingly, Queen Sunwon (by Bae Jong-ok) was promised to fill the lake after 7 days of conceiving a prince, and Cheoljong was offered a no-touch to live happily and happily. Informed.

In addition, the original image of the use that was hidden by Bonghwan was also revealed. The fact that he was called the Star Palace witch was revealed by the fact that he was called the Star Palace witch by grabbing a mouse as if anyone could open it to his eyes. Shin Hye-sun was admired by the hot performance that clearly expressed the temperature difference between the appearance of the good and the temperature of the soul of Jang Bong-Hwan’s soul with only the cool eyes and the changed tone of dialogue.

At the end of the drama, Soyong, who wandered through the palace from morning to night, dressed in a man’s suit, and left the palace and headed for Octajeong while holding a coat of arms with the name’Lee Saengmang’ written on it. The nature of Bong-Hwan, a wild horse who was running wild without knowing that the world was scary, did not change even in the situation where it became a woman, so he delivered another joy to the viewers.

In this way, Shin Hye-seon boasted enough power to listen to and release the home theater by unfolding a feast of eight-colored smoke without a break. Amidst the laughable reality of a time-slip to the Joseon Dynasty a day in the morning and the sad reality of living under strict rules, the consciousness that quickly grasps the confrontation of the palace and adapts, and the aspect of the highest level in social life, it is impossible to take your eyes off the viewers. It gave us something to see and do.

Shin Hye-seon, who is building a new life character by creating a character that breaks the frame of existing ideas by putting down the beauty of the first historical drama, even comical acting, and immersing itself in the character, a lot of anticipation is gathered for the activities in the’Queen of Iron Man’ that will lead the future. .


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