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Penthouse (2021)Season 3: War In Life Episode 1 + 2 Indonesia, Español, English Sub ** Watch

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Penthouse 3- Han Ji-hyun_ Lee Ji-ah × Kim Hyeon-soo Jealous for their friendly appearance! – SBS
Penthouse 3- Uhm Ki-joon wakes up from a terrible nightmare! – SBS
Penthouse 3- Lee Ji-ah, pretending to be a nurse, surprises Um Ki-joon! – SBS
Penthouse 3 – Kim So-yeon × Yoon Joo-hee_ Fierce struggle to get Jang Jo-rim! – SBS
Penthouse 3 – Kim So-yeon × Yoon Joo-hee_ Fierce struggle to get Jang Jo-rim! – SBS
[Trailer] Penthouse Season 3: War In Life Official Trailer (2021) | Kdrama Trailers|

‘Penthouse 3’ exceeded 20% in viewer ratings from the first broadcast! Kim So-yeon → Uhm Ki-joon’s beautiful performance

SBS’s new Friday drama ‘Penthouse 3’ announced the intense comeback of the ‘Penthouse’ worldview with the thrilling marathon that runs from the opening to the ending without stopping for even a minute and one second.

The first episode of SBS’ new Friday drama ‘Penthouse 3’ (played by Kim Soon-ok/directed by Joo Dong-min/produced by Green Snake Media), which was first aired at 10 pm on the 4th (Fri), was based on Nielsen Korea. % (Part 2), the nationwide viewership rating of 19.5% (Part 2) was achieved, ranking first in all programs on all channels broadcast on Friday, and overwhelmingly in the first place among all weekly mini-series. In addition, it not only broke the double digits in the first episode following seasons 1 and 2, but also recorded the highest viewer ratings for the season itself, revealing its true dignity. In 2049, the main indicator of advertising officials, it recorded 8.7%, proving its unmatched topicality.

Above all, in the 1st episode of ‘Penthouse 3’, the opening of the great reversal in which the statue boasting majesty at the top of Hera Palace was broken and Ju Dan-tae (Um Ki-joon) fell to death at the same time, and the heart rate soared. This is where the situation unfolded before the ‘Logan Lee (Park Eun-seok) car explosion’ happened. Joo Dan-tae, Cheon Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon), Lee Gyu-jin (Bong Tae-gyu), Ha Yun-cheol (Yoon Jong-hoon), Kang Mari (Shin Eun-kyung), Ko Sang-ah (Yun Joo-hee), etc. In the midst of exhilaration and laughter with her kneeling figure, Shim Soo-ryun (Lee Ji-ah) raised questions by taking over the Cheong-A Foundation. In the meantime, Logan Lee, who went to America, met Baek Joon-gi (On Joo-wan), and Baek Joon-gi, who took the photo of Joo Dan-tae, shouted “Mr. Baek” and said, “This child is a murderer. They ran away by killing my parents and stealing our entire property.” Then Logan Lee said, “Mr. Baek is alive in Korea. In your name, Joo Dan-tae,” he added, causing a shock.

After that, the whole story of ‘Logan Lee’s car explosion’ was drawn. During the outdoor activity time of the detention center, Joo Dan-tae and Ha Yoon-cheol had a violent fight, and Joo Dan-tae was stabbed in the stomach by a toothbrush knife and was taken to the hospital. Joo Dan-tae, who had previously bought a doctor, escaped the hospital and disguised himself as an old man and a bomb exploded. Putting the cart next to Logan Lee’s car. Shim Soo-Ryun was convinced that Logan-Lee’s accident was a felony, but later, as the real culprit in the ‘Na Aegyo (Lee Ji-Ah) murder case’ was identified as Logan-Lee, not Joo Dan-Tae, Dan-Tae Joo was removed from the frame and appeared in the penthouse to anger Shim Soo-Ryeon. did. Seo-jin Cheon was also released on probation with psychiatric treatment when Logan Lee was identified as the real culprit in the ‘Naaekyo Murder Case’, but after being kidnapped by Oh Yun-hee (Eujin) and Shim Soo-ryun, she was dragged off a cliff and dropped into a river. It raised the tension to its peak.

In this regard, in the first episode of ‘Penthouse 3’, the truth of the ‘Logan Lee car explosion’ that shocked everyone in the final episode of ‘Penthouse 2’, the evil people still dreaming of a resurrection while caught in false desires, face another tragedy And the faces of the characters who create a new plate of revenge unfolded, signaling a strong prelude to the ‘final war’. In addition, the overwhelming speed of development that makes 90 minutes into just 9 minutes, the story that cannot predict any scene, the video composition that captures the psychology of the characters, and the visual beauty of the unique luxury of ‘Penthouse’ are literally 2021. It perfectly kicked off the ‘penthouse syndrome’ that will swallow up the second half of the year once again.

In particular, the acting skills of the actors, who now give deep trust to viewers through ‘believing and watching hot performances’ themselves, have shone. From the first appearance to the ending, from the first appearance to the ending, Eugene, who played the role of Soji (assistant in the detention center) at the detention center, caught the eye at once with a short but strong impact. Kim So-yeon created a legendary scene from the first episode by realistically and cheerfully about Cheon Seo-jin in the detention center, and also detailed the psychology of a person with a mental disorder. Ji-ah Lee witnessed the death of Logan Lee in the play and gave a deep afterglow by accurately pointing out Shim Soo-ryun’s emotional lines that change every moment in the turbulent situation when Joo Dan-tae returns. In addition, Um Ki-joon, who opened the door to ‘Penthouse 3’ with a creepy opening, burst into trembling by capturing the viciousness of Joo Dan-tae, who is struggling to revive.

In addition, actors Shin Eun-kyung and Go Sang-ah, Yoon Joo-hee, who endure life in prison with extraordinary adaptability, Bong Tae-gyu as Lee Gyu-jin, who reveals a desire for power even in a 180-degree reversed situation, and Yoon Jong-hoon as Ha Yun-cheol, who sharpens the blade of revenge towards Joo Dan-tae, are the right actors. In the drama, he filled the play more abundantly by taking a deep breath and performing. In addition, On Joo-wan as Baek Joon-gi and Park Ho-san as Yoo Dong-pil, who joined as new characters, capture the past history deeply related to Joo Dan-tae with a mysterious charm, while the ‘Penthouse’ kids also foreshadow a new relationship change, making them look forward to the future even more. made.

Viewers said, “I was shocked from the opening and came out… As expected, this is the charm of the penthouse!!” “Is Joo Dan-tae really dead? Or is it a dream? I wish it was real!!” “Detention center penthouse?? It’s so funny haha ​​Kim So-yeon and Cheon Seo-jin’s crazy acting is really amazing!!” “What did I see last..? Seojin Cheon fell off a cliff?? I can’t predict what the hell..” “No, when it ends like this, how can I wait until next week…?” etc., which received a warm reaction.

Meanwhile, SBS’s new Friday drama ‘Penthouse 3’ is broadcast every Friday at 10 PM.

In the SBS ‘Penthouse 3’ broadcast on the afternoon of the 4th, Joo Dan-tae (Um Ki-joon) was acquitted, and Shim Soo-ryun (Lee Ji-ah) and Oh Yoon-hee (Yu-jin) pushed Cheon Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon) off a cliff.

The figure of a dead man was reflected in the fountain of Herafelis that day. The people of Hera Palace were living in prison. In a dirty and cramped environment infested with insects, Joo Dan-tae paid money to go to the penthouse of the detention center, and Lee Gyu-jin (Bong Tae-gyu) succumbed to power and was living as the youngest. Kang Ma-ri (Shin Eun-kyung) won the affection of Wang Jjang unni (Jung Young-joo) with a massage that made use of her special skills, and Koh Sang-ah (Yoon Joo-hee) did bad things. Marie adjusted to reality, saying, “It’s the same here as in Hera Palace.”

Seo-jin Cheon led a luxurious life in a lawyer’s reception room. At the lawyer’s words that the stock price of the Chung-A Foundation was cut in half and a proposal for the dismissal of the representative director was proposed, Seo Jin urged, “Somehow, take it out due to insufficient evidence.” However, the consignee has already appeared. It was Shim Soo-ryun who took over the Cheong-A Foundation and made Seo-jin angry.

Shim Su-ryun spent time with the children. “They said that they could go to Seoul National University if they had a recommendation from the principal.” Seeing Joo-kyung (Han Ji-hyun) smiling, Su-ryun said, “You don’t have to do music anymore. Do something that makes you happy.” However, Seok-kyung expressed his greed, saying, “It was the fact that I didn’t want to sing.” “There is no one who only does what they love. My father said that if you don’t want to live like a pig, you have to pay the price in some way. I respect you in that regard.”

When twin brothers Joo Joo-hoon (Kim Young-dae) and Baerona (Kim Hyeon-soo) appeared together, Seok-kyung showed a distasteful expression. “Isn’t it good that you don’t go to college so you have plenty of time?” Seok-Hoon was surprised and dissuaded. Rona, who lives alone without a mother, tried to quit singing for realistic reasons and guilt for killing Min Seol-ah. Rona returned the money in the bathroom saying “it’s burdensome”, but Su-ryun said, “I’m just like my mother,” and said, “It’s a waste of talent to give up music. I want to see you grow into a good singer.” And he wrapped a scarf around him saying, “It’s going to be cold.” Seok-kyung, who was listening to the friendly conversation between the two in the bathroom, shed tears and looked scary.

Ha Yun-cheol (Yoon Jong-hoon), imprisoned in prison, waited for revenge on Joo Dan-tae by making a toothbrush knife alone late at night. Joo Dan-tae, who gave money to the prison guard and was sent to the front, was startled to see Lee Gyu-jin and Ha Yoon-cheol. It was not a penthouse in a prison. In the room, Bang Bang-soon (Park Sang-myeon) controlled everyone with his fingers, and Joo Dan-tae was assigned to the room next to the bathroom and expressed dissatisfaction, but he went out in one shot and fell.

Chun Seo-jin’s access to lawyers was blocked due to the controversy over ‘aristocratic imprisonment’. In addition, I heard a voice saying, “I’m in a good mood, so try singing” after being photographed by a female Wang-jang sister. Seojin said, “I’m the best soprano in Korea, Seojin Cheon. I’d rather stick out my tongue,” and spit on her pride, and the angry Wang Jjang unnie said, “I’m a woman from the same university as vocal music,” and told Mari and Sang-a, “Oh, a sound will come out of my mouth. I’ll hit you every time.” In the end, Seojin Cheon tasted the humiliation of singing with his face covered in blood.

Logan Lee met Baek Joon-ki (On Joo-wan) and said, “Mr. Baek lives in Korea under Joo Dan-tae’s name.” Joo Dan-tae killed Joon-gi’s parents, who was the real Joo Dan-tae, and ran away with all his fortune. Ha Yoon-cheol secretly attacked Joo Dan-tae with a toothbrush knife late at night to avenge Rona, but failed. Nang Bang-soon hid the toothbrush knife and explained to the guard that Dan-tae Joo attacked Yoon-cheol. Chi-soon, who made him hit Joo Dan-tae with a blanket, broke the toothbrush knife to Yoon-cheol, saying, “Staining blood is something that only scumbags do. It’s not time to kill yet.”

The guards and Bang-soon were being instructed by Logan Lee. Chi-soon strangled Joo Dan-tae’s neck with a towel in the shower and passed out. Everyone witnessed it, but Yoon-cheol testified that he “passed out alone”. Chi-soon is a close friend of the prison guards and does anything if he gives money, and at the words of Secretary Jo (Kim Dong-gyu) that he has come to the detention center on his own, Dan-tae Joo predicts that Logan Lee is in the background, and instructs him, “Unlock the slush and buy the guards and get me out.” did.

Joo Dan-tae, who bought the prison guard, lived a comfortable life and also got information about ‘Logan Lee OUT D-9’. During outdoor activities, Dan-tae provoked Ha Yoon-cheol, saying, “If I leave here, I will kill Oh Yoon-hee and my daughter. I will destroy all of you.” Ha Yun-cheol swung his fist first, and Joo Dan-tae was taken to the hospital after fainting after being stabbed in the stomach by a toothbrush.

Dong-pil (Park Ho-san), the father of Jenny Yoo (Jin Ji-hee), who was released from prison, went to Shim Soo-ryun’s store in anger, saying, “Where is the child?” Logan Lee, who came to Korea with Jun-gi at that time, decided to meet with Su-ryun immediately at the store. The prison guard sent an emergency text message, ‘Accidents occurred.’ But he could not confirm when he stopped by the bank, and Joo Dan-tae even bribed the doctor, earning an hour for the operation confirmation and inspection, and fled.

Joo Dan-tae, disguised as an old man, parked a bomb next to Logan Lee’s car, while Dong-pil searched Su-li’s bag and copied the penthouse key. When Logan Lee got out of the car to meet Su-Lily, the bomb exploded, and Su-Li was sobbing. Meanwhile, Joo Dan-tae left the scene leisurely, and Dong-pil witnessed it.

Ha Yoon-cheol complained of injustice that he was not the one who stabbed Dan-tae, but the second trial was canceled due to Lee Gyu-jin’s false testimony, and the sentence was suspended. Gyujin was bought by Dantae. Dan-tae planned to escape by telling Gyu-jin, who was lost by her parents, to steal Yoon-cheol’s toothbrush by proposing, “I’ll pay it in lieu of bail and take it out of the detention center.”

After killing Logan Lee, Joo Dan-tae went to the house of the Justice who betrayed him and threatened, “How much money you ate me, why don’t you answer me? I’ll have to get you out.” The news broke the news of Logan Lee’s death at the scene, and Joo Dan-tae, who was satisfied with this, went to the hospital and fainted. Dantae, who was decorated to look like he was in the bathroom on time, caused a cardiac arrest and received urgent treatment in the emergency room. Seeing the scene of the explosion where Logan Lee died, Shim Su-ryun was furious, saying, ‘It’s your fault.

Oh Yoon-hee, who was imprisoned with the people of Hera Palace, became Soji. Among the prisoners, Marie and Sang-a bowed their heads to get more side dishes. Yoon-hee looked at Seo-jin and warned, “Logan is dead. Did you kill him? I am watching. If you do nonsense, you will die by my hand.”

Things changed after Logan Lee died. There was a testimony that it was Logan who killed Na Aegyo, and the investigation was not conducted properly because the whereabouts of Naae-kyo were unknown. Shim Su-ryun doubted, “Did you check Joo Dan-tae? Someone must have bought it”, but in the end, Joo Dan-tae was framed. In the case of Shim Soo-ryun’s confinement, Cheon Seo-jin committed the crime alone, the Barrow-na incident was the inconsistent statement of the victim with a head injury, and Min Seol-ah’s body was abandoned as Ha Yoon-cheol.

Shim Soo-ryun, who infiltrated the hospital as a nurse in a situation not resolved by law, injected an injection into Joo Dan-tae’s ringer, but his identity was discovered. Su-liun, who immediately took off the hairpin and attacked, asked, “Did you kill Logan Lee?”, but Dan-tae said, “People around you will die. Min Seol-ah, everyone you like will die like Logan Lee. Don’t do anything.” and strangled his neck. Su-ryun, who focused on the wounded area, showed mad anger, saying, “I no longer expect the judgment of the law. I will cut my breath like you did.”

Joo-kyung, who was at school, still looked at the relationship between Rona and Seok-hoon, and hardened her expression at Dan-tae’s phone call due to number restrictions. Cheon Seo-jin sang like crazy all night long, banged his head against the wall, and then collapsed on his own and had a seizure. The doctor, who was consulting with Seo-jin, gave the judgment ‘Lie’ for the abnormal behavior. Starting with the guard’s words of three suicide attempts and the increasingly severe symptoms of self-harm, Seojin appealed for insanity by breaking things and making a riot.

Shim Su-ryun focused on the person who came to Korea with Logan Lee, and found out that he was a person who knew Mr. Baek well and would reveal the past of Dan-tae Joo. Joon-gi, who witnessed the situation at the time of the explosion, drank alcohol alone at the bar and looked at Shim Soo-ryun’s picture.

In the penthouse living room were Logan’s clothes and belongings. Joo Dan-tae’s return was something he had planned. Su-ryun was astonished, saying, “How did you get out?” Dan-tae declared, “I stopped to say hello to the children. It’s you, not me, who will leave. I will take back the penthouse and all my children.” Seok-hoon was startled, and Barrow-na was terrified. Only Seok-kyung, who answered the phone call from school, smiled unknowingly.

Seok-kyung, who later said that she received a phone call from Dan-tae, said, “Dad was acquitted. It’s Logan who killed his mother, right?” Seok-hoon shouted, “Do you believe that, you idiot?” and followed Rona, who was struggling. Seok-kyung was annoyed at seeing her brother who only cares about Barrow, and when she learned that Seok-hoon was planning to go to study abroad with Rona, she felt betrayed.

A month later, Seo-jin Cheon was acquitted of the murder of Naae-gyo. With regard to the abandonment of Min Seol-ah’s body and the detention of Shim Su-ryun, two years in prison and four years of probation were given in consideration of psychiatric treatment. Cheon Seo-jin, who was leaving the courtroom smiling, was kidnapped by Shim Soo-ryun and Oh Yoon-hee, and was dragged to the front of the cliff. “Did you kill Logan?” Shim Su-ryun asked, unable to hold back her anger, pushed Seo-jin down the cliff.

Penthouse (2021)Season 3: War In Life Episode 1 – Kim Hyun Soo, Lee Ji Ah, And Kim Young Dae Grieve From Unexpected Loss In “The Penthouse 3”

Penthouse (2021)Season 3: War In Life Episode 1 – SBS’s “The Penthouse 3” released new stills of Lee Ji Ah, Kim Hyun Soo, and Kim Young Dae!

In the final episode of the hit revenge drama “The Penthouse 2,” the villains of Hera Palace were judged by the law and imprisoned. Logan Lee (Park Eun Seok) returned to Korea with a mysterious man named Baek Joon Gi (On Joo Wan), but viewers were shocked to see Logan Lee get into an explosion right in front of Shin Soo Ryun’s (Lee Ji Ah’s) eyes. Furthermore, questions were raised about Baek Joon Gi, who left his bag behind in the backseat of Logan Lee’s car, Yoo Je Ni’s (Jin Ji Hee’s) father Yoo Dong Pil (Park Ho San), who hovered nearby Shim Soo Ryun, and the suspicious elder who waved to Logan Lee right before the explosion occurred.

The new stills depict Shim Soo Ryun, Bae Ro Na (Kim Hyun Soo), Joo Seok Hoon (Kim Young Dae) looking stunned and devastated at the location of the accident where a space to mourn the deceased has been set up. Dressed in all black, Bae Ro Na looks at the mourning spot created within the area lined by police tape with an empty expression and tears in her eyes.

Shim Soo Ryun, who had to send off another loved one following her daughter Min Seol Ah (Jo Soo Min), looks faint as she’s heavily supported by Bae Ro Na and Joo Seok Hoon. Since the ending of “The Penthouse 2” revealed Joo Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon) receiving a newspaper in prison marked with the words, “Logan Lee out D-Day 9,” it’s expected that Joo Dan Tae is deeply involved in the situation. Viewers are curious to see if Shim Soo Ryun will be able to uncover all of the truth and finally finish her revenge.

On the filming set for the new season, Lee Ji Ah, Kim Hyun Soo, and Kim Young Dae shared their excitement to be back. However, the atmosphere quickly grew tense as they immersed themselves in their roles, spilling tears as soon as the cameras began to roll.

The production team shared, “Logan Lee’s death will function as a huge variable for Shim Soo Ryun and the villains of Hera Palace. Please check out the truth of the explosion through the premiere of ‘The Penthouse 3.’”

“The Penthouse 3” premieres on June 4 at 10 p.m. KST


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