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Penthouse (2021)Season 3: War In Life Episode 2 + 3 Indonesia, Español, English Sub ** Watch

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‘Penthouse 3’ Park Eun-seok re-appears as Logan Lee’s older brother… Reggae hair shocking visual.

Park Eun-seok reappeared as Logan Lee’s older brother.

In the second episode of the SBS Friday drama ‘Penthouse 3’ (written by Kim Soon-ok, directed by Joo Dong-min), which was broadcast on June 11, Logan-ri (Park Eun-seok)’s older brother visited Shim Soo-ryun (Lee Ji-ah).

On this day, Shim Su-ryun met a person who was waiting for her at home. Logan Lee’s older brother, Alex, who said, “Are you that handsome Shim Su-ryun?” “What did you do to my friend Logan?” said Alex, suspecting Shim Soo-ryun as the culprit who killed Logan Lee.

However, Shim Su-ryun said, “I wish I had killed him. It would be more comfortable if I killed him because he hated him, so I couldn’t forgive him. How terrible it is to feel that the person who calls me every day and worries me suddenly disappears from my side.” .

He continued, “I will stop him from coming several times a day, regretting that I might have done something, and I feel angry and mad. If I can turn back time, I don’t have to see that person forever, so please, if I can save him, I can do anything.” talked about

But Alex said that $10 billion was withdrawn from Logan’s account on the day he died. He explained the meaning of money to Shim Soo-ryun, who said he did not know, saying, “If you don’t know, who is it? Min Seol-ah said that it was her share.

‘Penthouse 3’ Lee Ji-ah warns Um Ki-joon to “don’t stop breathing” [N cut]

Penthouse 3′ Lee Ji-ah, Eom Ki-joon, and Han Ji-hyun unexpectedly met at the Seoul National University of Music practical test center, and the scene of the ‘sudden three-way meeting’ was captured. Lee Ji-ah is angry at Um Ki-joon’s appearance, and warns him.

SBS Friday drama ‘Penthouse 3’ (play Kim Soon-ok/director Dong-min Joo), which is currently airing, is a suspenseful revenge drama that takes place at house price number 1 and education street number 1 with a distorted desire that cannot be satisfied. The first episode of ‘Penthouse 3’, which strongly opened the prelude to ‘The Last War’, achieved the highest viewership rating of 21.9% at the moment, setting a record for the first episode of the season itself, revealing the power of the ‘Penthouse Storm’.

Especially in the first episode, Joo Dan-tae (Um Ki-joon) was revealed to be the real culprit of Logan-ri (Park Eun-seok) car explosion, causing a shock. In the end, Joo Dan-tae threatened the Supreme Court Justice, and Logan Lee was identified as the real culprit in the murder of Na Ae-gyo (Lee Ji-ah). However, Shim Soo-ryun (Lee Ji-ah), convinced that Joo Dan-tae was the real culprit in Logan Lee’s accident, disguised herself as a nurse and infiltrated the hospital. I’m going to cut it off,” he warned. However, after that, Joo Dan-tae showed up in the penthouse and shocked Shim Soo-ryun with his brazen and eerie behavior.

In this regard, the scene of a three-way meeting where Lee Ji-ah, Um Ki-joon, and Han Ji-hyun are in sharp confrontation is creating tension. In the play, Dan-Tae Joo comes to pick up her daughter Joo-Kyung (played by Han Ji-Hyeon) from the Seoul National University of Music practical test center. After the practical test is over, Dan-Tae Ju appears in front of Su-Ryun Shim and Su-Kyung Joo coming down the stairs, and there is a sense of anxiety in an instant.

Above all, Joo-kyung, who foretold an unexpected future by receiving a phone call from her father Dan-tae Joo in the first episode, shocked Shim Soo-ryun with the appearance of trying to get into Joo Dan-tae’s passenger seat this time. It is raising the question of what kind of crisis Shim Soo-ryun will face with the meeting of Joo Dan-tae and his daughter Joo-kyung.

On the other hand, in this instant three-way face-to-face scene, Lee Ji-ah, Um Ki-joon, and Han Ji-hyun focused their attention by clearly demonstrating the delicate emotional performance inside and outside the camera and the charm of the temperature difference that crosses a pleasant atmosphere. While waiting for filming, he showed a V pose and a bright smile towards the camera from time to time to increase the vitality of the scene, but then he drew a vivid scene with his eyes changing as he immersed himself in the character and situation.

The production team said, “As the war between Shim Soo-ryun and Joo Dan-tae is in full swing, Joo-kyung’s move, who does not know where he is going, will be a major point of observation. said.

Penthouse (2021)Season 3: War In Life Episode 2 – ‘ creepy big reversal point 3 #Logan Lee accident #Joo Dan-Tae = Baek Joon-Ki #Opening&Ending

Penthouse (2021)Season 3: War In Life Episode 2 – SBS ” broke through the highest viewership rating of 21.9% in the first episode, rising to the top of the weekly mini-series at once, heralding a blast in the future.

SBS Friday drama ‘Penthouse 3’ (played by Kim Soon-ok/directed by Joo Dong-min/produced by Green Snake Media) is a suspenseful revenge drama that takes place at house price number 1 and education street number 1 with a distorted desire that cannot be satisfied. Above all, the first episode of ‘Penthouse 3’ recorded 21% viewership ratings in the metropolitan area and peaked at 21.9%, surpassing the highest viewership ratings of 11.1% and 20.9% in the first episodes of seasons 1 and 2. Not only that, it was ranked first in the first week in TV drama topicality and search response (based on Good Data Corporation), and ranked high in the VOD chart of the first week of June announced by the video online service (OTT) wave. He showed off the dignity of syndrome-level popularity.

In particular, in the first episode of ‘Penthouse 3’, the opening scene in which Joo Dan-tae (Uhm Ki-joon) met his death at the fountain at Hera Palace was drawn, which was a shock. In addition, the identity of Baek Joon-gi (On Joo-wan) has been revealed, following Dan-tae Joo and Seo-jin Cheon (So-yeon Kim), who were released from prison due to the re-investigation of the ‘Rogan Lee (Park Eun-seok) car explosion’ and the ‘Na Ae-kyo (Lee Ji-ah) murder case’. it gave me goosebumps Here, the intense development of the ending, in which Seo-jin Cheon falls from a cliff, continues without a break, and the hearts of the viewers are touched. In this regard, we have summarized the three ‘great reversal points’ that gave a strong reversal in the story that ran without hesitation for 90 minutes.

◆ Great reversal point #1.
The real culprit of ‘Logan Lee’s car explosion’, which had a tragic ending in the final episode of Season 2, was the real culprit of ‘Logan Lee’s car explosion’. Joo Dan-tae, who suffered humiliation from unknown prisoners at the detention center, suspected Logan Lee as the background, and after releasing a slush fund to buy a prison guard, he also dragged Lee Gyu-jin (Bong Tae-gyu) to his side. . Joo Dan-tae, who had even bought a doctor, escaped the hospital immediately, and with the help of Secretary Jo (Kim Dong-gyu), he hid his identity in an old man’s disguise and installed a bomb next to Logan Lee’s car. After a while, Joo Dan-tae, who threatened the Supreme Court Justice, shocked everyone with his actions as he was released from prison after Logan Lee was identified as the true culprit in the ‘Naae-kyo murder case’.

◆ Great reversal point #2.
Joo Dan- tae = Baek Joon- gi , Baek Joon-ki = Joo Dan-tae The real name of Baek Joon-ki, who raised doubts due to his mysterious appearance, was Joo Dan-tae. Logan Lee met Baek in the United States before the car explosion, and said to Baek, “It took quite a while to find you. Because I never imagined that you would live under Baek Joon-gi’s name.” Baek Joon-gi saw Joo Dan-tae in the photo and shouted “Mr. Then Logan Lee said, “Mr. Beck is alive in Korea. Ju Dan-tae, in your name.” As the shocking truth is revealed that the real name of Joo Dan-tae, who has been committing heinous evils, was Baek Joon-gi, and that the real name of Baek Joon-ki that Logan Lee met is Joo Dan-tae, the shocking truth is revealed, and the curiosity of what kind of result this great clue will bring in the future is increasing.

Big reversal point #3 Opening & ending beyond imagination ‘Penthouse’ In Season 1, Min Seol-ah (Jo Soo-min)’s falling opening, and in Season 2, the falling opening of Barona (Kim Hyun-soo) was drawn, followed by the ‘Penthouse’ broadcast last week. In the first episode of ‘House 3’, the statue at the top of Hera Palace, which was shattered by a powerful lightning bolt, fell as it was in the Hera Palace fountain, and thereafter, the body of Joo Dan-tae floating on the water was revealed. Furthermore, in the ending, Seo-jin Shim (Lee Ji-ah) and Yoon-hee Oh (Yoon-hee) abduct Cheon Seo-jin, who was released on probation for pretending to be mentally ill, to a cliff and say, “Logan, did you kill him? You killed me, so you don’t know?” He threatened and then pushed him into the river, a story beyond imagination, arousing extreme goosebumps. There is a lot of curiosity about the meaning of Joo Dan-tae’s discovery of a corpse in the fountain of the goddess Hera, why Shim Su-ryun and Oh Yun-hee kidnapped Cheon Seo-jin, and how Cheon Seo-jin’s life or death will be.

The production team said, “I am sincerely grateful to the viewers who have given me enthusiastic interest and support from the first broadcast.” “Now, each character is going to run at any means and method for ‘The Last War’. Please pay attention to Oh Yoon-hee, Cheon Seo-jin, Shim Su-ryun, Joo Dan-tae, as well as new characters and the activities of the ‘Penthouse’ kids.”

Meanwhile, SBS Friday drama ‘Penthouse 3’ is broadcast every Friday at 10 PM.


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