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Penthouse “War in Life” Episode 14 Español, Indo, English Sub.

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Park Eun-seok pressed Lee Jia.

In the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama’Penthouse’, which aired on the 14th, the appearance of Logan Lee (played by Park Eun-seok) pressing Sim Su-ryun (played by Ji-ah) was spread.

On that day, Logan Lee wrapped up a pair of sneakers Minseol-ah to the secretary, saying, “Let’s finish with this.” With cameras installed all over the party, everyone was puzzled by a banner with a warning saying’The killer who killed Minseol is in this.’ And Oh Yoon-hee (played by Yujin) recalled that Min Seol-ah (played by Jo Soo-min) begged “The people of Hera Palace are trying to kill me. Please help me”, and was shocked by saying, “Someone pushed Min Seol-ah on the 47th floor.”

Logan-li, who escaped from the seat while everyone was in shock, sent a message to Su-ryun Shim, “Do you like the gift I sent you?” Next, Logan Lee watched the situation through the camera and pressed Shim Su-Ryeon, saying, “Since the person who killed Min-seol-ah was your husband, it’s your turn to reveal that Min-seol-ah is your daughter, right now.”

‘Penthouse’ Choi Ye-bin, Kim Hyun-soo threatened with late Eugene → Received a memorandum.

Choi Ye-bin threatened Kim Hyun-soo and obtained a memorandum.

In the SBS Monday and Tuesday drama’Penthouse’, which aired on the 14th, the appearance of Ha Eun-byul (played by Choi Ye-bin) intimidating Barona (played by Kim Hyun-soo) and receiving a memorandum was spread.

On this day, Baerona, who secretly checked her mother Oh Yoon-hee (played by Yujin), checked the text sent to Ha Yoon-cheol and cried, saying, “How is my mother?” The next day, Eun-byul Ha said to Barona, “There was such a picture in my mother’s drawer.” With a picture of Ha Yun-cheol and Oh Yoon-hee together, “Until you moved, our house was happy without any problems. Why should we be the only ones? “I should do it,” he threatened. In response, Barona begged, “I touch my mom, but what should I do? I’ll do everything you ask.”

Baerona apologized to the group of Ha Eun-byul, saying, “I’ll apologize for being like Min-seol-ah. In response, Joong-gyeong (Han Ji-hyun) said, “How about dropping out? Of course you will quit school?”, and Ha Eun-byul asked, “Promise us that you will not climb up again in the future”, and Barona replied that he would. Ha Eun-byul said to Barona,’I did the blackmail related to Minseol-ah. What happened in the community does not tell anyone. He received a memorandum saying,’I do everything Ha Eun-byul tells me to do.’


‘Penthouse’ side “At the 14th episode, Bong Tae-gyu, Eugene, Um Gi-jun, blood-stained three-way encounter”.

‘Penthouse’ Eugene, Um Ki-joon, and Bong Tae-gyu faced shocking blood-stained faces in the freezing cold of the ice, and the scene of’a mysterious three-way face-to-face’ was captured.

Mon-Tue Drama’Penthouse’ is the number one house price with a distorted desire that cannot be satisfied by’Primadona’ of the 100-floor penthouse’s inaccessible’Queen’ VS’Prima Donna’ of the desire to devour everything VS’Woman’ running toward entering high society. , It is a drama about real estate and education wars in Education No. 1. In particular,’Penthouse’ is writing a great record of’average rating 20%, instantaneous highest rating 25% breakthrough’ with a perfect three beats of spectacular development, excellent performance of actors, and sensuous visual beauty.

Above all, in the last broadcast, Oh Yoon-hee (Yujin), who failed to invest in stocks due to the trap of Ju Dan-tae (Um Gi-jun), presented Logan Lee (Park Eun-suk) boldly to the interview with the company Dan-tae Ju. Joo Dan-tae, who was desperate to meet Logan Lee as an investment, eventually hired Oh Yoon-hee as a company employee. In addition, Lee Gyu-jin (Bong Tae-gyu) holding Min Seol-ah (Jo Su-min)’s mobile phone in his hand, after checking the secret meeting video of Ju Dan-tae and Cheon Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon), raised the tension by saying “how to use this, it is good to expect”.

In this regard, the scene of’A Questionable Three-way Face-to-Face’ was revealed in a triangular composition in an unusual atmosphere of Eugene, Um Gi-jun, and Bong Tae-gyu. In the play, Lee Gyu-jin is being beaten in Joo Dan-tae’s office. As if the cold-blooded color has been revived, Ju Dan-tae’s expression, which can not be found with warmth, evokes an eerie energy, while Lee Gyu-jin is back with a bruise on his face and bleeding. Oh Yoon-hee, who came into the office and witnessed this scene, is amazed but trying to hide his expression. The confused Oh Yoon-hee, Ju Dan-tae flashing me, and Lee Gyu-jin laughed at me, raising questions about what happened between the three.

On the other hand, at this “A mysterious three-way face-to-face” site, the lively acting combination of Eugene, Um Kyeon, and Bong Tae-gyu showed fantastic synergy. The three of them meticulously matched the lines with the lines and gave off special enthusiasm from the rehearsal. Furthermore, Eugene gave the scene a lively energy with a vitamin smile, Um Gi-jun radiated a reversal charm with a cool mouth after a cold-blooded force, and Bong Tae-gyu made the scene a sea of ​​laughter with a sensuous ad lib. Expectations are rising as to what kind of relationship changes will be made between the three people who are receiving favorable reviews from viewers for their overwhelming presence every scene.

The production crew said, “As a shocking three-person face-to-face between three people that we couldn’t predict at all, a tremendous reversal will be poured out in episode 14 that will be broadcast today.” Please check.” 14 episodes of’Penthouse’ will be broadcast at 10 pm on the 14th, and 14 episodes and 15 episodes of’Penthouse’ will be re-aired at 10 pm on the 18th.

Penthouse “War in Life”


‘Penthouse’ Lee Ji-ah, hotel’secret infiltration’ captured… ‘Revenge loading’ notice!

SBS’Penthouse‘ Lee Ji-ah was caught in a dangerous’secret stealth’ in the hotel, raising tension.

The SBS drama’Penthouse‘ (played by Soon-ok Kim/Director Dongmin Joo/produced GreenBam Media) is an inaccessible’Queen’ of a 100-floor penthouse VS’Prima Donna’ of desire to swallow everything VS. It is a drama about real estate and education wars at No.1 house price and No.1 education due to the distorted desire that’woman’ cannot satisfy. Above all,’Penthouse’ is continuing a high-altitude streak, sweeping the top spot in monthly drama ratings, topical surveys, and clip views. In particular, in the last 13 episodes, Nielsen Korea standards, average rating 20%, instantaneous highest rating 25%, surpassing the explosive topic is proved.

In the 13th episode, Penthouse Shim Soo-ryun (Lee Ji-ah) drew attention by looking for the killer who killed Min-seol-ah (Jo Su-min). After the death of Min Seol-ah, Cheon Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon) found the ruby ​​ring he had thrown in his house trash can and presented it again, pretending to be sent by Joo Dan-tae (Um Gi-jun). I was convinced that he was the culprit of the incident. However, Shim Su-ryun was in crisis when Min Seol-ah’s older brother Logan-ri (Park Eun-seok) threatened the people of Hera PalacPenthousee to reveal her relationship with Min Seol-ah.

In this regard, the scene of’secret infiltration’ where Lee Ji-ah snoops around the hotel room in a suspicious outfit has been released and is robbing her eyes. In the play, Shim Su-ryun, disguised as a black sunglasses and black clothes with a wide-brimmed hat covering his face, wanders in front of a hotel room. Shim Su-ryun looks at the net as if avoiding someone’s gaze with the body bent as far as possible.

Moreover, in the 14th trailer released, Shim Su-ryun attacked Logan Lee’s chest with something, and faced with Dan-tae Joo and Yoon-hee Oh (Yujin) and faced a difficult situation. The reason why Shim Su-ryun secretly infiltrated the hotel room is growing curious about 14 episodes.

On the other hand, Lee Ji-a is concentrating the home theater through a hot performance that gradually bursts the complex emotional lines of Shim Training, from anger and despair to a firm will to move toward revenge. In addition, the sadness for the loss of her daughter and the longing for the daughter are expressed in tears, expressing it without filtering, and tapping the emotions of viewers. In this’Dangerous Secret Infiltration’ site, Lee Ji-ah generously exudes the shock she experiences while facing a new truth, and the desperate emotion that bursts out of it, creating a highly complete scene.

The production crew said, “Jia is drawing the character of Shim Su-ryun, who has a considerable amplitude of emotion, with her deep acting ability, and is leading the immersion of the play to the highest level. In the episode 14 (today) broadcast, please confirm.”

Meanwhile, 14 episodes of SBS’s Monday and Tuesday drama’Penthouse’ will be aired at 10 pm on the 14th (today), and 14 episodes and 15 episodes of’Penthouse’ will be re-aired at 10 pm on the 18th (Fri).


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