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Penthouse “War in Life” Episode 16 Español, Indo, English Sub.

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Yujin was the real culprit who killed Jo Su-min.

In the SBS drama’Penthouse’, which aired on the 21st, the true criminal who killed Min Seol-ah (Jo Su-min) was revealed.

Chun Myung-soo (played by Jeong Seong-mo) and Cheon Seo-jin (played by Kim So-yeon) fell down while struggling on the stairs. However, Cheon Seo-jin left with only his will with his father, Myung-soo, Cheon. Chun Seo-jin concealed his father’s death with the help of his secretary, such as deleting closed-circuit (CC) TV data and burning a will.

‘Penthouse’ Choi Ye-bin, “I don’t want to take my dad from Kim Hyun-soo” over the news of their parents’ divorce

Cheon Seo-jin informed Ha Yoon-cheol, “The funeral is over, and please pack the house as promised.” Ha Yun-cheol said, “What are you talking about. Eun-byul still needs to be consulted.” Cheon Seo-jin urged, “Will Eun-byul sit down with excuses? Did you forget that we decided to keep our divorce secret until I became the chairman. Isn’t it polite to go out clean if we take up to 7 billion won as alimony?”

Cheon Seo-jin, who appeared at the hospital belatedly, pretended to be surprised by his father’s death. He pretended to be difficult at a funeral, like the reversal of the movie’Usual Suspect’. However, Shim Su-ryun (Lee Ji-ah) suspected that Cheon Seo-jin was involved in the death of Chun Myung-soo. At the request of Shim Training, Gu Ho-dong (played by Park Eun-seo) began a background investigation.

Cheon Seo-jin lost his father and pretended to be distressed, but Ha Yun-cheol (played by Yoon Jong-hoon) could not avoid the eyes. I was suspicious of the wounded hand and the appearance of Chun Seo-jin talking to the secretary trying to cover up the case.

Ha Eun-byul (played by Choi Ye-bin) heard that Seo-jin Cheon and Yoon-cheol Ha were divorced. Ha Eun-byul said to Seo-jin Cheon, “Can’t you take a look at Mom and Dad? Don’t get divorced.” However, when Cheon Seo-jin drove her daughter, Ha Eun-byul was crooked. Meanwhile, Ha Yoon-cheol told Oh Yoon-hee (played by Eugene) that Chun Myung-soo died after knowing all the facts.

Seo-jin Cheon, who was appointed as the next chairman, appointed Ma Doo-gi (played by Ha Do-kwon) as the head of the arts department, and then entrusted the management of Ha Eun-byul’s life records. Madugi gathered up to give all the prizes to her fellow teachers. Dan-tae Ju (played by Um Gi-hyeon) offered a large sum for Chairman Ji-hyeon (played by Han Ji-hyun) and proposed to Madogi to leak the test paper.

Logan Lee (played by Park Eun-suk) offered Ju Dan-tae to invest in a hotel casino. It was designed to draw out the funds tied to Myeong-dong. Oh Yoon-hee also fanned Ju Dan-tae to pour out his entire fortune. Eventually, Dan-tae Ju decided to jointly invest with Logan Lee.

Yoonhee Oh headed to the villa, a secret space between Dantae Ju and Seojin Cheon, who fell down while drinking. However, Cheon Seo-jin, who saw Dan-tae Ju and Yoon-hee Oh, was runaway. Yoonhee Oh said, “It’s shameless. The concubine said he couldn’t see the concubine.” In addition, Oh Yoon-hee was recognized by Ju Dan-tae, who had awakened. Having gained trust for not disregarding their secrets. However, Seo-jin Cheon was angry with Dan-tae Ju at his qualifications.

Logan Lee, who was trying to find out Ju Dan-tae’s property information, took the fingerprints and checked them with Shim Su-ryun. It was full of evidence that could discern Ju Dan-tae’s atrocities. They even opened the safe. Ju Dan-tae entered the house and was in danger of being discovered, but Shim Su-ryun turned his gaze to the other side and escaped.

Drunk Oh Yoon-hee went up to the 47th floor by contact with Shim Su-ryun. He said to himself, “Minseol-ah, the 47th floor,” and recalled the fact that Dan-tae Ju tried to kill Min-seol-ah. However, the culprit was Oh Yoon-hee. He said, “Without you, we (boat) can pass.”

Oh Yoon-hee, who recalled the facts late, sobbed, “I killed the child.” However, Shim Su-ryun appeared and said, “I actually used (Oh) Yoon-hee,” and said, “Because (Oh) Yoon-hee was absolutely necessary for my revenge.” He added, “I am Minseol, my mother.”

‘Penthouse’ is a 100-floor penthouse’Queen’ VS’Primadona’ of the desire to swallow everything VS’Woman’ running toward the entry of a high-class society, with a distorted desire that cannot be filled, education 1 It is a drama about the real estate and education war in Bungie.

Hearing this conversation, Ha Eun-byul (Choi Ye-bin) caught Cheon Seo-jin, saying, “Ask me to live as a child without a dad like Barona (Kim Hyun-su)? Just live with a fake.” Chun Seo-jin hugged Ha Yun-cheol, saying, “It’s already over.” Cheon Seo-jin pulled such a ha Eun-byul and said, “You are the daughter of Cheon Seo-jin, the chairman of the Cheong-A Foundation. You don’t have a dad, but it’s okay. You only need a mother.”

Ha Eun-byul said, “I need my dad. I don’t want to take my dad from that girl. I don’t know. You’re going to leave me and go to Barona? It’s dirty?” said Cheon Seo-jin, “If you go out, I’ll go out too.”


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