• February 25, 2021

Penthouse “War in Life” Episode 16 Preview – & Info – Español, Indo, English Sub.

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Penthouse “War in Life” 16

Penthouse “War in Life” – Kim So-yeon, madness piano ending ending hot performance →’Penthouse’ tensions rise.

‘Penthouse “War in Life”’ Kim So-yeon aroused extreme goosebumps with a’madness explosion ending’ playing in front of the piano while neglecting the death of his father Jeong Seong-mo.

In the 15th episode of the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama’Penthouse “War in Life”’, which aired on the 15th, Cheon Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon) and Oh Yoon-hee (Yu-jin) had a fierce confrontation over the withdrawal problem of Barona (Kim Hyun-soo), while Seo-jin Cheon rolled down and his father Cheon Myung-soo ( Jeong Seong-mo) was left to death, leaving the home theater in shock.

Chun Seo-jin handed over 7 billion won as alimony and ended up stamping the divorce papers with her husband Ha Yoon-cheol (Yun Jong-hoon). And when he heard from his father, Myung-soo Cheon, who was not aware of the divorce, that he would hand over the chairmanship of the Cheong-A Foundation, Cheon Seo-jin was delighted with tears of emotion.

At this time, Oh Yoon-hee, who went to school to visit Seo-jin Cheon and confronted Barona’s withdrawal, was astonished to learn that Ha Eun-byul (Choi Ye-bin), who misunderstood her relationship with Oh Yoon-hee from Ha Yoon-cheol, had tormented Barona. Oh Yoon-hee, who had been blaming herself, expressed anger when Shim Su-ryun (Jia Ji-ah) said that Seo-jin Cheon would have used Baerona to inspire Ha Eun-byul’s rivalry, saying, “I don’t get hit like this anymore. Seo-jin Cheon should be treated the same way.” After that, while sitting with Seo-jin Cheon at the restaurant, Oh Yoon-hee listed from Ha Eun-byul’s irregularities in the entrance exam to the affair with Joo Dan-tae (Um Gi-jun). However, Cheon Seo-jin showed a dignified attitude of divorcing Ha Yoon-cheol and shouted, “Everyone who knows my relationship with Ju Dan-tae knows.”

At the moment, Oh Yoon-hee said, “One person doesn’t seem to know yet. I wanted him to know, so I brought him there.” He opened the door that was closed behind him, and Cheon Seo-jin’s father, Cheon Myung-soo, was sitting there. The site of Oh Yoon-hee, leaving behind her fearful Cheon Seo-jin, expressed her resentment toward Cheon Myung-soo, who was suspended from school only to herself even though she learned that Cheon Seo-jin cut her neck 25 years ago at the Cheong-A Arts Festival. However, Chun Myung-soo took the side of Cheon Seo-jin and shouted to Oh Yoon-hee, saying, “It’s frivolous and rude,” and Cheon Seo-jin went on to follow Chun Myung-soo, who wasn’t too serious even after hearing the facts of her divorce and affair.

However, after Chun Myung-soo drove away, Chun Seo-jin was shocked to hear from an attorney that Chun Myung-soo would replace the next chairman and write a will again. Cheon Seo-jin, who ran into the office of the chairman of Cheong-A Ye High School, where Cheon Myung-soo is located, knelt down and begged Chun Myung-soo, who was full of anger, and begged “Give me one more chance”, but cried out when he heard the answer that Cheong-A Ye High School and the foundation he inherited would be returned. .

In the end, Seojin Cheon chased Chun Myungsoo out of the heavy rain without an umbrella, and complained, “Do it right! If I lived wrong, it’s all because of my father.” Then, he ran desperately to steal the bag of the chief executive officer Chun Myung-soo with the name of his younger brother on it, and threw himself into a violent jolt, and the shocked Cheon Myung-soo rolled off the stairs and bleed. Cheon Seo-jin, who gazed at her father in pain after falling down, pulled out the chief executive officer from the bag and ran away with his father behind. After arriving at the lesson room, Seo-jin Cheon played the piano like crazy with his bloody hands, shaking his whole body. Cheon Seo-jin, who was crying in a frantic mood, said, “My father made me this way. Don’t be so unfair, Father. Still, he did one thing and went away.”


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