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Penthouse “War in Life” Episode 19 Español, Indo, English Sub.

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‘Penthouse “War in Life” Episode 19’ Lee Ji-ah, Eugene knew the crime… Kim So-yeon X Um-standard were arrested side by side [General].

Even after Yujin murdered Lee Ji-ah’s daughter Jo Su-min, she consistently showed a bottom line. Eom Gi-jun and Kim So-yeon were caught in Park Eun-seok’s trap and arrested.

In SBS’Penthouse’, which aired on the 29th, the figure of a trainee (played by Lee Ji-ah) who is in crisis of confinement due to the betrayal of Yoon-hee (played by Yujin) was drawn.

On this day, Su-ryun met Yoon-hee after receiving a confession from the children and residents of Hera Palace. Yunhee is the wicked who murdered Seolah.

Su-ryun, who knew about this earlier, wanted to give him a chance, but Yoon-hee was consistent with a blatant attitude. Even when DNA was detected in Seol-ah’s fingernails, he pushed out flippers to avoid writing novels.

It wasn’t the end here. Yoon-hee showed a bottom by informing Dan-tae (by Um Gi-jun) of the whereabouts of the training. Training, imprisoned by Dan-tae, managed to escape with the help of Logan (Park Eun-seok).

“So what did I say. You said you shouldn’t believe Oh Yoon-hee,” said Su-ryun, “Oh Yoon-hee killed us, Seol-ah” to Logan, who was upset.

Astonished, Logan immediately tried to harm Yun-hee, and Su-ryun held him back. “What the hell are you expecting from her. Oh Yoon-hee already abandoned you. Despite Logan’s anger, “I’ll stick to Ju Dahn-tae and get rid of you.” Is it the way for us to become a murderer in the same way?” he dismissed.

Furthermore, “I cannot end my life so irresponsibly. I’m going to go crazy because I’m more unfair and angry and angry than you. I’m patient though. It’s not an emotional thing to solve. I will do it my way. At the very end, the most painful.”

Meanwhile, Dantae and the residents of Hera Palace tried to negate the previous confession by decorating Su-ryun as having held a show for divorce.

In the meantime, Yoon-hee found out that the partner of Gee-ee training was Logan. He took another drink and met Logan himself and said, “How are you? I’m relieved to be with Logan. Why are you helping your sister-in-law? Are you sure you like it, your partner’s wife?”

So Logan said, “Is it necessary to explain my personal feelings? Yoon-hee Oh seems to have a personal feeling for Chairman Joo.” There was an affair between Yoon-hee and Dan-tae in it, and in the end, Yoon-hee conceived of the whereabouts of training.

Seo-jin (played by Kim So-yeon) held the inauguration ceremony of the chairman even after Yun-cheol (played by Yoon Jong-hoon) was forced to do so. In response, Yuncheol said, “You are a really scary woman. Do you know what Eunbyul is thinking? I’m afraid that you might have killed Minseol.” But Seojin said, “I am not. So, didn’t it happen? Don’t be nervous and attend the inauguration ceremony,” he dismissed.

However, Seo-jin’s inauguration ceremony became a place of revelation, and Seo-jin was finally arrested. Even in this situation, Seojin said, “Do you think I will retire like this? I am Cheon Seo-jin, the chairman of the Cheong-A Foundation.”

At the end of the drama, the appearance of the arrest of public money embezzlement and investment fraud at a casino investment briefing by Logan was depicted, predicting a more exciting development.

‘Penthouse’ Lee Ji-ah revealed that “Jo Soo-min is my daughter”… Eom Gi-jun-Kim So-yeon Shock.

Penthouse’ Lee Ji-ah revealed that Jo Soo-min is her daughter.

In the SBS Monday and Tuesday drama’Penthouse’, which aired on the afternoon of the 29th, Shim Su-ryun (played by Ji-ah) announced “It is my daughter” about Min Seol-ah (played by Jo Su-min) while confining the Hera Palace people. Cheon Seo-jin (played by Kim So-yeon) and Ju Dan-tae (played by Um Gi-jun) were in shock.

On this day, Shim Su-ryun worked with Logan Lee (played by Park Eun-seok) to confess what the people of Hera Palace had done to Min Seol-ah in the past. Children were trapped in the community. Shim Su-ryun, who was hidden behind the mask, warned the last time, “There are 5 minutes left. I will release the person who confesses most sincerely. He will be with him.” Despite Zhu Dan-tae’s concerns, “It’s all a trap. It’s making you confess,” parents said directly with their own mouths to live with their children.

Shim Su-ryun loaded his gun and appeared in front of them while the inside of the bus became a mess. After revealing his face, he shouted, “How can you do that to Min-seol-ah, knowing that your children are so precious?” and “Min-seol, this is my daughter!”

“My poor daughter was thrown away without knowing it. My daughter died unjustly without her mother’s voice. Minseol-ah, whom you did not let me live, is my daughter.”

Cheon Seo-jin, who heard this, became angry and said, “I knew it! Hey, what did Eun-bye do!” “I’m sorry”

Penthouse 19

In the 18th episode of SBS’s Monday and Tuesday drama’Penthouse‘, which aired on the 28th, Oh Yoon-hee (Yujin) fired a signal of conflict by revealing the hidden color.

In the broadcast that day, the appearance of Oh Yoon-hee betraying Shim Su-ryun (Jia Ji-ah) and seducing Ju Dan-tae (Um Gi-jun) in order to hide her evil deeds was revealed.

Oh Yoon-hee shook her heart, saying, “If you tell me what can you do for me, what can you do for me? Try me. What you want to know, maybe I can tell you.” Dan-tae Ju asked why his attitude changed, the inner boy of the woman he hated the most, and asked, “The seat next to him is empty. You were shaken by me, and do you need any more reasons?” Showed obsessed over.

Oh Yoon-hee’s runaway did not stop here. Yoon-hee, who went up to the penthouse at the request of Dan-tae, was fascinated by the beauty of the penthouse, put on a training outfit, and said, “It can give you everything you want… That’s the penthouse, Rado”. “Then your wife, Sim,” Let’s throw it away from training! To a place no one knows! To a place where you can’t come back! Can that be?” She showed sharp eyes and announced that the villain’s full-fledged movement had begun.

Until now, Oh Yoon-hee lived with only the goal of making her daughter Baero-na (Kim Hyun-soo) happy. When it was revealed that she was the true culprit of the murder of Min Seol-ah (Jo Su-min), her only goal collapsed, and eventually she turned into a villain with only evil left. Oh Yoon-hee, who tries to go up to a higher place by holding hands with Ju Dan-tae, and her ambitions that she can’t throw away at the same time, betraying Shim Su-Ryeon, and she does not succumb to the ongoing trials and crises add interest to the drama.

Yujin, who plays Oh Yoon-hee, who shines more lightly over time, is also receiving favorable reviews. Eugene is stably playing the role of Yoonhee Oh, who has a dual aspect that unheardly reveals a desire that does not hesitate to do evil in order to gain wealth. Eugene generously shows off the emotional acting that raises the level of immersion to the peak every time as the figure of a villain who pours out poisonous words with a sudden change of expression from a good face that hides her appearance. I am looking forward to seeing how her evil girl’s true color will lead the remaining drama.


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