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Penthouse “War in Life” Episode 20 Español, Indo, English Sub.

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‘Penthouse’ Lee Ji-ah was murdered → Yujin arrested the current criminal → accreditation [General].

Eugene was arrested as a leading suspect while Lee Jia was murdered. After being investigated by the police, Yujin admitted to the murder charge.

In SBS’Penthouse’, which aired on the 4th, the figure of Yoon-hee (played by Yujin) who is arrested for murdering Su-ryun (played by Ji-ah) was drawn.

In the middle of Eunbyul’s suicide prayer, Seo-jin (played by Kim So-yeon), who was confused, knelt in front of him in search of training. However, Su-ryun could not forgive Seo-jin, who severely tortured Seol-ah and manipulated his signature. Nevertheless, he gave him a chance to stop revenge if he withdrew from the chairmanship of Cheong-ah Ye High, but Seo-jin did not respond.

In the midst of this, Seo-jin, who learned of the affair between Dan-tae (played by Um Ki-jun) and Yoon-hee, poured out anger. However, Dan-tae pushed Seo-jin out in front of Yun-hee, and Yoon-hee stepped up and asked Dan-tae to remove the training to hide my evil deeds.

Logan intuited the crisis of training and encouraged them to go to the United States with her, but she wanted to stay in Korea for Seokhun and Seokkyung. In response, Logan said, “There are things that cannot be forced. Maybe you knew that the moment you chose Seol-ah, you wouldn’t be able to return to that house,” he said and put the plane ticket in his hand.

Meanwhile, Eunbyul managed to regain consciousness, but is showing signs of aphasia. Even in this situation, Seojin tried to rebuild the Cheong-A Foundation, and Yoon Cheol (played by Yoon Jong-hoon) held him back. “If everything returns to its place, Eunbyul will come back to before. “I believe in my daughter,” said Seojin, “Eunbyol dropped out and returned to her hometown. I am not interested in Chung-A Medical Center.”

In response, Seojin said, “Don’t pretend to tremble. After all, you are just like the people of Hera Palace. No more. Don’t pretend to be for Eunbyul. In the end, I am the one who will save and protect Eunbyul.”

At that time, Yun-hee was under extreme stress from the urge to surrender immediately. Here’s’If you hold on to the end, you’ll ruin Rona too. When the message of’Like Seol-a’ was added, Yun-hee tried to retaliate.

However, Su-ryun is a benefactor who saved Rona in crisis. Rona said to Yoon-hee with a dagger, “If my mother did something wrong, I apologize to her first. I will ask for it.”

Subsequently, while Su-ryun was stabbed and killed by a dagger, Yoon-hee was arrested on the spot for murder. As a result, Dan-tae, who was investigated as a reference, decided that Yun-hee was his stalker and gave false testimony that Su-ryun had committed an affair.

At the end of the drama, Yoon-hee, who admits to the murder charges, was drawn, raising questions about the ending of season 1 of’Penthouse’.

Ji-ah Lee of’Penthouse’ handed over information on corruption… Um Ki-jun → Kim So-yeon, police investigation.

Lee Ji-ah broke the corruption of the people of Hera Palace including Eom Ki-jun.
In the SBS Monday and Tuesday drama’Penthouse’, which aired on the 4th, all kinds of corruption of Hera Palace were reported as news.

In the broadcast that day, Shim Su-ryun (played by Ji-ah) met her younger brother of a journalist she knew and handed over the information about Ju Dan-tae (Um Gi-jun). In the news, there were reports of Ju Dan-tae’s affair and fraud, Cheong-ah’s private school irregularities centered on Cheon Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon), the school violence case of Little Hera Club, and the death of Min Seol-ah (Jo Su-min).

Afterwards, Oh Yoon-hee (Yujin) was frustrated by the news that the people of Hera Club were arrested by the police. In front of the prosecutor who presented the evidence video, Chun Seo-jin showed a stately appearance saying, “This is not an entrance exam.”

Shim Su-ryun recalled the appearance of the family who had been reunited with the house. “Where are you coming here? Isn’t it you that your dad reported. Is it cool now that you’re being punished?”

Seok-gyeong asked, “Did you think we were family?” Su-ryun replied, “I have never thought of you as not family.” “Why did you come here knowing you couldn’t hear a good sound? I need time. Stop going today.

‘Penthouse’ Lee Ji-ah warns Yujin with Kim Hyun-soo’s bill “Jo Soo-min murdered, surrendered” [General]

Jia Lee told Yujin to surrender.

In the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama’Penthouse’, which aired on the 4th, Shim Su-ryun (Jia) told Oh Yoon-hee (Yujin) to surrender for the murder of Min Seol-ah (Jo Su-min).

Oh Yoon-hee ran home because she was worried about Barona (Kim Hyun-soo). However, at Oh Yoon-hee’s house, there was Shim Training. Oh Yoon-hee said, “What did you do to Rona? If you touch the end of her hair, she won’t stay still.” So Su-ryun Shim said, “If I don’t stand still, will I kill myself?”

Oh Yoon-hee said, “If something bad happens to Rona, I die. Rather, leave Rona alone and kill me.” In response, Shim Su-ryun said, “You have to experience the same pain that you lost your child.” Oh Yoon-hee cried and said, “I was crazy because I drank. I’m really sorry. I remember that day too.”

Shim Su-ryun said, “Embroider. Confess your sins and be punished.” Oh Yoon-hee said, “I can’t make Rona live as a murderer’s daughter.” Shim Su-ryun was angry, “So why did you do that?” Oh Yoon-hee said, “Seol-a is already dead, but shouldn’t the rest of the people live. I will live with a heart of redemption for life.”

Shim Su-ryun said, “That’s why you held the hand of Ju Dan-tae. I will reveal all the truth. I will show you that Seol-a also has a mother.” So Yoonhee Oh said, “Please give me a little time.

Then the ship came in. Shim Su-ryun took an attitude to tell Barona about Oh Yoon-hee’s atrocities. In response, Oh Yoon-hee said, “I will do what my sister said tomorrow.”


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