• July 28, 2021

Running Man Episode 526 Eng Sub Korean Drama

‘Running Man’ Lee Je-hoon, an infiltrating police officer… A regrettable defeat by a robber [The Night Before]

In latest Running Man Episode 526 Eng Sub Korean Drama

‘Running Man’ Lee Je-hoon played an active part as a police officer who infiltrated, but was finally defeated.

SBS’Sunday is Good-Running Man’, broadcast on the 25th, depicts robbers looking for an infiltrating police officer.

In other scene Running Man Episode 526 Eng Sub Korean Drama

On this day, Lee Je-hoon and Lee Dong-hee appeared as guests. Jeon So-min, who once chose Lee Je-hoon as his ideal type, said, “It glows. It seems like you have a fluorescent lamp on your body.” Lee Je-hoon, who appeared in’Running Man’ after 4 years, said, “I once wanted to come out again and swear. I covered the mud.”

Then the robber king race began. Among the robbers, there was a leader of the robbery association and two policemen who infiltrated. First, the tasting robbery test was conducted, and Lee Je-hoon and Ji Seok-jin appeared. Lee Je-hoon said, “When you see the sense of a genius robber, you have to taste the soil.” Lee Kwang-soo was surprised, “Will you do that?” But Lee Je-hoon put the hand that touched the soil and the other hand in his mouth and laughed.

In one more scene Running Man Episode 526 Eng Sub Korean Drama

Lee Je-hoon said, “Why is the camera here?” and tried to dig where the camera is. When Jeon So-min said it was a favorite place, Lee Je-hoon said, “Can’t you give it to me?” Jeon So-min laughed at the end saying to have it, but it was a fake. Lee Je-hoon played a situational drama until the end, saying, “You should have tasted the soil first.” After the tasting mission, the members who found the real product received 1 million won each. Lee Je-hoon, who found a fake, tried to take the money, and Lee Kwang-soo said, “What happened in 4 years?” and laughed.

Team Lee Je-hoon wins in the first mission, I was able to bring the treasure I wanted for a minute. The head of the robbery association and the police knew the price of each item. Kim Jong-guk, who brought the statue, won the highest amount of 20 million won.

In the second robbery time after the second mission, Lee Je-hoon brought the statue as soon as it started. Lee Je-hoon was a police officer who sneaked into the stomach. Lee Je-hoon said, “I have nothing to betray” when he was given a chance to betray before the final mission. Another police officer was Yang Se-chan. The two decided to deceive Lee Je-hoon as the president of the association.

However, as the game progressed, the robbers became aware of the identity of Lee Je-hoon and Yang Se-chan. The two tried to find out who the leader of the robbery association was Song Ji-hyo and Lee Kwang-soo using Lee Dong-hee, but the plan was changed due to Lee’s mistake. The leader of the robbery association was Lee Kwang-soo, and the two were eventually defeated. Among the police teams, Ji Suk-jin was penalized for a bomb.


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