• May 14, 2021

Same Bed, Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny Episode 192 Sub English 12 Apr 2021

‘Same Bed, Different Dreams 2’ Ki Eun-se “The pain of separation, try to suffer from your husband before marriage”.

Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 Actor Ki Eun-se reveals the story of her husband before marriage.

Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 Actor Ki Eun-se appears as a special MC on SBS’Statue Dream 2-You are My Destiny’ (hereinafter’You are My Destiny’), which airs at 10:20 pm on Monday, 12th. Ki Eun-se, who has been married for 10 years this year, is scheduled to reveal the story behind her marriage to her husband, who is 12 years old.

In the studio recording that took place earlier, Eun-se Ki drew attention by saying that he first proposed to her husband. Besides, at the time, it was a time when she broke up after dating her husband, which surprised MCs. Ki Eun-se said, “I first experienced the pain of separation because I was kicked by my husband. I was so sad. All song lyrics were like my story. “I can’t do it,” he said. “Finally, I wanted to talk coolly with a very pretty and cool look. I met and talked and said,’Let’s get married.’”

At the time, Eun-se Ki gave her embarrassed husband a month of time, and after that, her husband contacted her one day before filling the month. What the husband would have said to Ki Eun-se, and the story behind the marriage of the two can be confirmed in’You are my destiny’, which airs at 10:20 pm on Monday, 12th.

Meanwhile, Eun-se Ki is in the spotlight as a wannabe of many women by sharing lifestyles such as fashion, beauty, and interiors. Ki Eun-se, who debuted in the 2006 drama The Longest Invisible Man,'' appeared inFashion King”, “Why is it? He also appeared in surprise, such as’Doctor Life’, showing a sense of presence. Currently, he is performing as concubine Hyunbi in the drama’River River’, and is about to appear in SBS’s new drama’Now, We’re Breaking Up’, which has garnered a lot of attention with Song Hye-kyo’s comeback work.


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