• May 14, 2021

Sell Your Haunted House (2021) Episode 1 English Sub

Jang Nara of’Sell Your Haunted House’ transformed into an unconventional… A cold beauty exorcist full of force.

Actor Jang Nara showed off the unprecedented transformation from’Sell Your Haunted House‘ to’Daebak Real Estate’ as the president and exorcist Hong Jia.

Sell Your Haunted House – Jang Nara is a talented exorcist with excellent martial arts skills and resolute determination in KBS2’s first Wednesday and Thursday drama’Daebak Real Estate’ (played by Su-jin Ha, directing Jin-seok Park), but he has been with him for 20 years because he has not been able to get rid of his mother’s original spirit. I took it.

In particular, Jang Nara challenged her mature emotional acting in’VIP’, which made 2019 tumult, and’Honest and cheerful character’ in’Oh My Baby’ in 2020. Each piece is refreshing his life, such as showing the coming’Day Sun Force’.

Above all, on the first broadcast on the 14th, Jang Nara proved the Pacific acting spectrum from charisma to life acting and emotional touch by breaking down into Hong Ji-ah, who lives with the soul of her mother who died as a child.

First, Jang Nara announced the start of the first meeting with the visual opening of’Chic Blast’ with a long coat, high heel boots, and ears on her hair. Through’Bing’s Exodus Action’, which fights with the spirit medium possessed by Won-Gwi, he captured the eyes by digesting the super-powerful action with agile action, splendid body movements, and the intensity of sticking deafness to the chest of the spirit medium.

Moreover, Jang Nara expressed Hong Ji-ah, who lives as a’home shopping virtuoso’, with a uniquely sticky life acting, raising the interest of the play with a warm human beauty in a cold exterior. Also, let’s prevent Hong Ji-a from purchasing items in home shopping by turning off the TV and blocking the radio signal from her cell phone by the soul of her mother Mi-jin Hong (Eun-hye Baek).

In particular, he showed a refreshing activity by popping the cider with a direct speech method. When the owner of the building, who came to ask for the ghost to exit, had all kinds of doubts, saying, “Isn’t it a good idea to get rid of the money?” In addition, even though the gangsters in front of the’Biggest Real Estate’ threatened to say, “Hong Ji-ah, it’s not a problem that can be solved just by holding on,” and “Judge me well~”, they responded, “I’m already judged. I’m not selling.” She proved the true nature of Sen Kae with a confident face.

On the other hand, although he has excellent exorcism ability that has been handed down to the mother line, he exudes with a keen cuteness that covers the fatal weakness of Hong Jia, who becomes hypothermic whenever he exorcises with a combative eating room. On the other hand, she was drunk and said to her mother’s ghost, “Isn’t it cold? I’m sorry. I’m sending the jibak spirits that I’ve attached to other houses really crazy, but I can’t send only my crying mother… I’m sorry…” did.

Jang Nara boiled the first row of her bedroom with a warm daughter who hurts her heart with the charm of’Outer Kang Lue Kang’ who lives according to her convictions without surrendering to her powers.

Meanwhile, in the final ending of’Daebak Real Estate’, after witnessing the reversal situation in which the original spirit behind the demon is possessed by the exorcist con artist Oh In-beom, he looked at Oh In-beom with a shocking gaze along with the words “a fraudster… were you a spirit medium?” It spread and made me curious about the next episode.

[Exclusive] “Was it a psychic?” …’Daebak Real Estate’ Jang Nara X Jung Yong Hwa, intense ending → PD “Thank you for a good response” (Total)

The reaction of viewers is hot to the emergence of a new exorcism drama.

In KBS2’s Wednesday and Thursday drama’Daebak Real Estate’, which aired on the 14th, the first meeting of the exorcist Hong Jia (played by Jang Nara) and the exorcist scammer Oh In-beom (played by Jung Yonghwa) was depicted.

On this day, Jia Hong, the president of’Daebak Real Estate’ and an exorcist, received a request from the building owner of the Dream Officetel. As the dream officetel, which was working to cheat, was transferred to the jackpot real estate, Oh In-beom convinced Hong Ji-ah to partner with him, knowing that he was a scammer like him. However, Hong Jia was convinced that In-beom Oh said he was a fraudster.

Afterwards, Hong Jia went to the dream officetel to run alone. At that time, Oh In-beom witnessed Hong Jia’s exodus while trying to upgrade the items he had installed in the officetel. Hong Jia was in crisis due to a stronger circle than expected, and with the help of In-beom Oh, he was able to get out of the crisis.

However, when Hong Ji-ah tried to expel the demon by stabbing the spirit medium with a deaf ear, the demon became possessed by In-beom Oh, who was next to him. Hong Jia was in shock, saying, “Are you a scammer, were you a spirit medium?”

‘Daebak Real Estate’ succeeded in capturing viewers with the highlights of the action, the Tikitaka chemistry of Jang Nara and Jung Yonghwa, in a new subject called exorcism drama. The first episode of “The Great Real Estate” recorded a national rating of 4.1% and 5.3% for the first part of the country based on Nielsen Korea.

In response, the’Dream Real Estate’ side told Herald POP, “Thank you for the good response you sent to the first room.” I hope it will be remembered as a work that can be done.”


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