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The Uncanny Counter (2020) Episode 8 Español, Indonesia, English Sub.

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The Uncanny Counter (2020)

Cho Byeong-gyu encountered enemies Lee Hong-nae, who murdered Son Yeo-eun and Jeon Seok-ho.

The reunion of The Uncanny Counter (2020) (played by Cho Byeong-gyu) and Cheongshin (played by Hong-nae Lee) was drawn in OCN’s’Wonderful Rumors’ broadcast on the 20th.

On this day, Mao Tak (played by Yoo Jun-sang) met with Roh of Taeshin Group through the opposition and strict security of Giran (played by Kim So-ra).

At this meeting, Motak said, “You guys hurt people and tie it up and it’s so easy. It may have been easy so far, but be aware that it is not easy in the future,” warned, and Mr. Roh exclaimed, “Don’t talk about it, bring evidence.” In response, Motak said, “Even if I drain all of the water and the body in the reservoir, I can get it up.”

Chang-gyu, who appeared belatedly, told Managing Director Roh, “I told you. I didn’t do anything, I couldn’t. That guy is not a person. It’s real,” he said.

The rumors and the staff at the noodle restaurant concentrated on searching for the body in search of a landfill. The reservoir has already been polluted by the Taeshin Group.

Mae-ok (played by Eom Hye-ran), who discovered that the foul-smelling groundwater was heading to the river, lamented, saying, “I was making noodles with this water.”

On the date of Moon Young (played by Son Yeo-eun) and So Gwon (played by Jeon Seok-ho), not only the noodle restaurant staff, but also rumored friends Joo-yeon (played by Lee Ji-won) and Woong-min (played by Kim Eun-soo) were also present.

It is also their job to go to the accident site and make flowers and comfort the rumors that have become somber.

On the way home, rumors of encounters with the enemy Cheong-sin who harmed Moon Young and Sokwon were drawn, raising curiosity about the future development.

The Uncanny Counter (2020)’ Counters, Taeshin Group knew the ugly face… Behind the scenes, Choi Kwang-il [review].

Taeshin Group’s face was revealed.

In the OCN Saturday drama’The Uncanny Counter‘, which aired on the 19th, the figure of Noh Chang-gyu (Jeon Jin-oh) threatening the junior of the rumor (Cho Byeong-gyu) to catch Gamo-tak (Yoo Jun-sang) was drawn.

Do Hana (Kim Se-jeong), who entered the rumor’s memory, says, “It doesn’t matter if I can die as long as I can catch him.” He warns the rumor that fights Ji Cheong-sin (Lee Hong-nae) as step 3. In response, the rumors say, “It will make me regret saving me.”

Returning to the noodle restaurant, Do Hana said to Gamo-tak and Chu Mae-ok (Yom Hye-ran), “A rumor is caught by the demons of my parents. It’s the guy who killed Chuljoong’s senior.” Gamo-tak said to rumors, “Why did you suddenly ask me to look for the past?” and said that the last call was Sokwon (Jeon Seok-ho) before the accident seven years ago, and said that it was familiar from the first sight.

Rumors say, “Dad said he would do it to the end. Shortly before the accident, an election broadcast came out on the radio, but when he heard that Mayor Shin Myung-hui (Choi Kwang-il) was elected, he turned off the broadcast and said,’I’ll do it all the way’. Detective Kim Jung-young (Choi Yoon-young) discovered something while chasing another case, and Kim Young-nim was a member of the Shin Myung-hui camp. When the campaign was in full swing, Kim Young-nim disappeared. When I investigated your father and Kim Young-nim, you must have trembled.” He infers that Shin Myeong-hui will be behind the scenes.

He then said that the case did not end seven years ago, and that Shin Myung-hui’s patron, Jeon Jeon (Lee Do-kyung), was recently killed by a demon.

Afterwards, through sharing information with Kim Jeong-young, Gamo-tak convinced that Ji Cheong-shin was the killer of the former president. He told Kim Jung-young that So Kwon, Ha Moon-young (Son Yeo-eun), Chairman Jeon Jeon-hwan, and Kwon Jin-seung would all be called for murder by the same killer, and he said that the priority is to get a support letter.

On the other hand, a rumor that recalled Dohana’s words that he disappeared for a short time during the fight with Jicheong-sin said, “It was daytime. The accident site was at night, but the space was broad daylight. It’s his space. It is said that it is a place where the noise of the machinery is loud,” and recalls that the base of Chicheongsin is a junkyard.

Counters and Kim Jung-young go to the junkyard to catch Ji Cheong-sin, but he had already cleaned up everything and left. And those who discover Bae Sang-pil (Kwon Hyeok) who died in a scrapped car.

The police chief who was dispatched to the scene was embarrassed to see the reporters filled with the crime scene, and Kim Jung-young said, “The chief can not help it anymore. Let’s hit the branch office.”

Do Hana, who was serving at a noodle restaurant, recalls the past by watching Song Man-ho appearing in the news. In the past Dohana visited him, his uncle, to borrow living expenses, and Song Man-ho said, “How much can I do? I was going to pick up 50,000 won, but it only costs 20,000 won,” he said and handed 20,000 won to Dohana.

Choi Jang-mul (Seung-Hwan Ahn), who was investigating Roh Hang-gyu (Kim Seung-hoon), told Counters that Roh Hang-gyu was able to become Taeshin Construction’s managing director because of Cho Tae-shin (Lee Do-yeop). It is said that there was a sudden development boom in the city. Shin Myung-hui, who was the mayor of the district at the time, said that it would have helped. “I set up the Taeshin Group and ran 11 more companies. Is it not a company that launders money and makes slush funds.”

In response, Dohana said, “There was an article in 2014. The prosecution went into an investigation of Taeshin’s slush funds, but the articles and cases were quickly deleted. At that time, the prosecutor who went into the slush fund investigation was Song Man-ho, a lawyer who appeared on TV, and is now a lawyer for the legal affairs team of Taeshin Group. “The company where Song Man-ho is the representative was originally my father’s company. All of these companies here were stolen like that. It blocks all the subcontracts, dries money, and lends power supplies. One day after the due date, he sued the CEO for fraudulent and embezzlement, took the management rights, and established the pants president.”

At this time, Noh Chang-gyu came to a noodle restaurant with his services to catch Gamo Tak. However, he was hardly beaten by Chumae-ok and hit a line.

And by reading the memories of Noh Chang-gyu, Counters learned that Shin Myung-hui was aiming for the great power. “The reason I had to kill me was because of the reservoir,” and to Gamotak wondering what the reservoir is, Dohana infers, “Isn’t it the place where Kim Young-nim’s body was abandoned.” There is a rumor saying, “There was a reservoir in my father’s notebook.

Meanwhile, the chief learned that Kim Jung-young had requested an appraisal about Kim Young-nim from the noodle tree. In anger, Jo Tae-shin rebuked Roh Hang-gyu and witnessed it.

Shin Myung-hui, who decided to remove Jicheong-sin before their identity was revealed, told the chief, “Tell the serial killer Jicheong-shin to make a loud noise. The more anxious the citizens are, the better it is for me. You have to catch it as soon as possible. You can’t be captured. Kill him.”

Counters head to the reservoir to find Kim Young’s body. However, even before reaching the reservoir, he catches the presence of demons and turns to resolve the demons first. And Noh Chang-gyu got off inside a truck hitting Counters’ vehicle several times.

He said, “I’ve sent it all,” and took a picture, but he was surprised to see Counters appearing one by one as he broke the car door.

Viewers who watched the broadcast are showing reactions such as “Yongin are playing comfortably”, “Changgyu, you will be sent away”, “It’s great power… That person!”

On the other hand, the evil spirit hunter’Counter’ disguises as an employee of a noodle restaurant and defeats the evil spirits on the ground.


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