• February 25, 2021

True Beauty Episode 3 Español, Indonesia, English Sub.

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True Beauty

‘True Beauty’ Moon Ga-young, Cha Eun-woo and goddess vs. unfamiliar double life.

Cha Eun-woo of’True Beauty’ learned of Moon Ga-young’s identity.
In episode 3 of the tvN Wednesday and Thursday drama’True Beauty’, which aired on the 16th, Lim Joo-gyeong (played by Moon Ga-young) was drawn to Lee Soo-ho (Cha Eun-woo).

On this day, Lee Soo-ho called Lim Joo-gyeong and said to meet him at the comic book room. Afterwards, Lim Joo-gyeong went to the comic book room without makeup, and pledged to thoroughly hide the fact that he was the same person as Lim Ju-kyung, a student in the same class.

However, Lee Soo-ho already knew Im Joo-gyeong’s identity, and said, “It’s ridiculous. You can’t even act. You’re Lim Ju-kyung.”

In particular, Lee Soo-ho said, “I called Lim Joo-kyung’s phone number that I found out at the school. How will you explain what you came out with?”, and Lim Joo-kyung was forced to say that he was a cousin.

rue Beauty

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True Beauty Ep 3′ Cha Eun-woo, Moon Ga-young’s limited tutor transformation… Tsundere charm explosion.

TVN’True Beauty Ep 3′ Cha Eun-woo transforms into Moon Ga-young’s limited tutoring teacher and explodes the charm of Tsundere.

tvN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama’True Beauty Ep 3′ (director Kim Sang-hyup/ screenplay Lee Si-eun/ ​​planning tvN, Studio Dragon/ production main factory, Studio N) has an appearance complex, but the guardian who cherishes the wounds of Ju-kyung who became goddess through’makeup’ A romantic comedy that restores self-esteem by meeting and sharing each other’s secrets. From the first week of the broadcast, viewers’ clowns were excited by the harmony of the actors who digest 200% of the characters’ hot acting, chemistry, and sensuous direction.

In the last broadcast, cold handsome Lee Soo-ho (played by Cha Eun-woo) was chilled by the makeover goddess Im Joo-gyeong (played by Moon Ga-young), but began to open her mind friendly to the unfamiliar Ju-kyung. However, the figure of Suho who appeared as the savior for the goddess Ju-kyung, who was in danger of being caught, raised her heart rate. As a result, the curiosity is heightening whether Suho has noticed the secret of Jukyung’s makeover.

Among them, the study of Ga-young Moon and Eun-woo Cha is released to attract attention. In the unveiled still, there is a figure of Eun-woo Cha who went out to tutor with tweezers for Moon Ga-young. In particular, Ga-young Moon and Eun-woo Cha create excitement with a decal comani pose where they look at each other while supporting their heads with their arms as if the mirroring effect (the act of subtly imitating the other’s actions) was exerted. Moreover, Cha Eun-woo makes the hearts of viewers tremble even more with a profound gaze that cannot take their eyes off Ga-young Moon.

Above all, in the drama, Cha Eun-woo is a brilliant brain that boasts top-class academic achievements, and an iron man who does not give a second eye to others. As he participated in the study and fixed his gaze to Moon Ga-young, curiosity is raised about their relationship.

On the other hand, episode 3 of the tvN Wednesday and Thursday drama’Goddess Advent’, based on the popular webtoon of the same name, will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 16th (Wed).


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