• May 14, 2021

True Beauty Episode 7 – Español, Indonesia, English Sub.

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Ga-young Moon and Eun-woo Cha, two shots of’True Beauty’.

‘True Beauty’ actors Moon Ga-young and Cha Eun-woo showed a friendly appearance.

On the 30th, TVN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama’True Beauty’ (played by Lee Si-eun, directing Kim Sang-hyup) released the stills of Ga-young Moon, Eun-woo Cha, and In-yeop Hwang.

Ga-young Moon and Eun-woo Cha are monitoring together in the stills. The visual chemistry of the two people sitting close together and monitoring the visual chemistry creates excitement, while the expressions of Ga-young Moon and Eun-woo Cha, who are immersed in the video as if they would soon be sucked into the video, make the cold look.

Meanwhile, Hwang In-yeop fills the set with warmth. The rough side of the play is giving off a sweet and sweet look. In addition, Hwang In-yeop’s charming smile causes excitement.

Ga-young Moon, Yoo-na Park, and Min-a Kang, who appear as best friends in the play, make a smile by hugging each other tightly. The three people gathered together and covered in blankets make them feel the reality chemistry and make viewers feel good. In addition, the faces of Lee Il-jun and Lee Sang-jin, who are exploding their coolness as if they are narcissistic, and Lee Woo-je, who pretends to be pretty in a woman’s dress, make a smile.

Like this,’True Beauty’ lets you take a peek at the pleasant team chemistry and the warm atmosphere of the set with only the steel behind it. Above all, the students of Saebom High School are armed with their own individuality to enhance the fun of the play. What kind of activities and breathing they will show in the future, the expectations of the “True Beauty” are further raised.

Episode 7 of’True Beauty’ will be broadcast on January 6, 2021 at 10:30 pm due to the year-end and New Year holidays.

True Beauty‘ Cha Eun-woo X Hwang In-yeop saved Moon Ga-young who was kidnapped… Teen triangular romance begins [review].

When Hwang In-yeop became fond of Moon Ga-young, the triangle romance began.

On the night of the 23rd, in’True Beauty‘ broadcast on tvN, Han Seo-jun (played by Hwang In-yeop) realized that he liked Lim Joo-gyeong (played by Moon Ga-young), and even Lee Soo-ho (played by Cha Eun-woo) announced a real triangle.

Han Seo-jun took care of and cared for his younger brother, and he approached Lim Ju-kyung more. Lim Joo-kyung responded, saying, “If you make fun of me in school in the future, I won’t let you go. I won’t be hurt”

Lim Ju-kyung went to Han Seo-jun’s house to teach Han Seo-jun’s younger brother Han Go-un (played by Yeo Ju-ha) how to make up. There, Im Joo-gyeong confused each other when he witnessed Han Seo-joon being indulged in music without wearing clothes. Han Seo-jun took Lim Ju-kyung and said, “Thank you for taking care of Gowoon, how can I just go. I’m sorry.”

Im Ju-kyung, who returned home, was surprised to see Lee Su-ho in her house. It was brought by Lim Joo-kyung’s mother who met Lee Soo-ho in a comic book room. Lee Soo-ho told Lim Joo-gyeong’s younger brother Lim Joo-young (played by Kim Min-ki) that he liked Lim Joo-gyeong, but the younger brother did not believe it. Lee Soo-ho had a fun time eating with Lim Joo-kyung’s family.

Lee Soo-ho once again helped Lim Joo-kyung. Im Joo-kyung, who met a group who had been harassing her at school before the transfer, was confused and ran away, but realized that she had left her wallet. Fortunately, Lee Soo-ho, who witnessed this, found the wallet and returned it. Lee Soo-ho asked if he was okay and worried. He also hugged them as an excuse to get them out of sight and put on a hat.

The Iljin group who harassed Lim Ju-kyung misunderstood that Han Seo-jun’s girlfriend was Lim Ju-kyung and kidnapped her. Then I called Seojun Han. Han Seo-jun and Lee Soo-ho searched nearby karaoke rooms to find Lim Ju-kyung and swung their fists. Kang Soo-jin (played by Park Yoo-na), who was contacted by Lim Joo-kyung, ran and took care of the Iljins.

At the end of the broadcast, Lee Soo-ho expressed his anger at Iljin who harassed Lim Ju-kyung. In addition, Seo-joon Han, who became fond of Lim Ju-kyung, predicted a real triangle by seeing the appearance.

On the other hand,’Goddess Advent’, which is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:40 pm on tvN, overcomes the appearance complex through’makeup’, and Ju-kyung, who became a goddess, meets Suho, who has wounded her male mother, and grows by sharing each other’s secrets. This is a romantic comedy that restores self-esteem, based on the popular webtoon of the same name.


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