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True Beauty Episode 7 – Español, Indonesia, English Sub.

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‘True Beauty’ Chapter 7 Summary A – Hwang In-yeop and Cha Eun-woo confess, “Moon Ga-young has improved” → Provocation [full Summary A]

Hwang In-yeop admitted that his feelings toward Moon Ga-young is love.

On the TVN’True Beauty’, which aired on the 6th, a figure of Seojun (played by Hwang In-yeop) confessed to Yeonjeok Suho (played by Cha Eun-woo), saying, “Im Ju-kyung is better.

Tae-hoon (Lee Il-jun), who accompanied Suho while watching high school baseball with Joo-gyeong (played by Moon Ga-young) said, “When I ate chicken, you drove my legs to Ju-gyeong? It’s really alive. Besides, when Ju-kyung was confessed, weren’t you angry?”

He said, “What are you doing without even confessing? You hesitate so much and then you get stolen by another man?”

Sooho expressed his anger by swinging the bat instead of answering, and Taehoon said, “Tsundere? That doesn’t work these days,” he advised.

In the midst of this, ace of the baseball club, who fell in love with Jukyung, came to the classroom and started wooing. Seojun, not Suho, said, “I heard rumors that you were dating me a while ago. I don’t care about my ex-boyfriend.”

In this way, Suho is suffering from feelings toward Ju-kyung, but Ju-kyung misunderstood that Suho has Su-jin (Park Yoo-na) in her heart.

However, heart troubles for a while. Joo-gyeong and Suho Seo-joon were trapped in an elevator, and unlike Ju-kyung, who was agitated, Suho and Seo-joon had a nervous war.

The problem is the unexpected crisis of Jukyung. If Seo-joon asked for help from the manager for Ju-kyung, who complained of sudden intent, Suho quietly angered Ju-kyung by pushing out the cup.

After escaping, the three men and women faced a snowy winter landscape. At that time, the person who covered Seo-jun with an umbrella was neither Suho nor Seo-joon, but the baseball team ace Hyung-jin.

At the end of the play, Suho and I met at the baseball field, “Honestly, it was not baseball, but Lim Ju-kyung improved. So, is there any reason why not?”

‘True Beauty’ Cha Eun-woo and Moon Ga-young got an apology for kidnapping Shin Jae-hui.

‘v’ Cha Eun-woo asked for an apology from Jae-hui Shin instead of Ga-young Moon.

In episode 7 of the tvN Wednesday and Thursday drama’True Beauty’, which aired on the 6th, Lee Seong-yong (played by Shin Jae-hui) apologized to Lim Ju-kyung (Moon Ga-young) was depicted.

On this day, Lee Sung-yong suddenly appeared in front of Lim Joo-gyeong, and said, “Im Joo-gyeong. I’m a little at the karaoke room.”

Lim Joo-kyung sprayed a self-defense spray, and Lee Sung-yong apologized, saying, “I apologize. I’m sorry.” Lim Joo-gyeong was embarrassed, saying, “Why? Why?”, and Lee Seong-yong hurried out of the seat.

In particular, Lee Su-ho (Cha Eun-woo) was waiting in hiding, and Lee Sung-yong said, “I saw it. I apologized.”

Lee Soo-ho has been chasing after Lee Seong-yong kidnapped Lim Joo-kyung to karaoke and demanding an apology. Lee Soo-ho lamented, “I couldn’t sleep because I was chasing him.”

‘True Beauty’ Cha Eun-woo, ♥Moon Ga-young’s hair smacking…

True Beauty‘ actor Cha Eun-woo is caught stroking Moon Ga-young’s head and explodes the excitement.

On the 6th, tvN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama “Goddess Advent” released the stills of Ga-young Moon (Lim Ju-kyung) and Eun-Woo Cha (Lee Su-ho), where the spirit of romance blooms ahead of episode 7.

In the released still, there is a two-shot of Ga-young Moon and Eun-Woo Cha, who faced in the comic room of the Prince, a hideout in the play. Eun-woo Cha makes her heart flutter with her loving touch that strokes Moon Ga-young’s head. In particular, in Cha Eun-woo’s eyes, a deep affection for Moon Ga-young seems to emanate, adding to the excitement. As a result, Ga-young Moon looks at her eyes with cat-like eyes. Two shots of two people who became more eager in a space that only the two knew, automatically wakes up their love cells.

On the other hand, in the last broadcast, he answered “That’s right” to Lim Joo-young (Kim Min-ki), who asked if Suho likes Ju-kyung, and raised his heart rate by honestly revealing his heart toward Ju-kyung. Afterwards, Suho held the bullied Jukyung in her arms and comforted her, and despite being injured, Suho kept her eyes open by throwing her fist without hesitation in order to save Jukyung who was caught by Lee Sung-yong (Shin Jae-hui). Accordingly, interest in the future development of how the relationship between the two will change. Among them, Suho’s affectionate skinship toward Jukyung is captured, and interest in the broadcast of’Goddess Advent’ is further heightened.

On the other hand,’Goddess Advent’ is a romantic comedy that recovers self-esteem by sharing each other’s secrets, where Ju-kyung, who became a goddess through’makeup’, and Suho, who has a wounded man, meets with an appearance complex based on the popular webtoon of the same name. Episode 7 at 10:30 pm on the 6th is broadcast.

‘Goddess Advent’ actor Moon Ga-young’s activity without losing his body is a hot topic.

On the 5th, tvN’s Wednesday and Thursday drama’Goddess Advent‘ releases a still showing Moon Ga-young’s colorful transformation, raising expectations.

‘Goddess Advent’ is a romantic comedy that recovers self-esteem by sharing secrets with each other, where Ju-kyung, who became a goddess through’makeup’, and Suho, who has a wounded man, meets with each other. The romance of Lim Joo-gyeong (Moon Ga-young), Lee Soo-ho (Cha Eun-woo), and Han Seo-jun (Hwang In-yeop), who are getting closer as the episodes are repeated, spreads intense excitement and makes viewers unable to escape.

In the unveiled still, Moon Ga-young draws attention with a visual as if Seong Chun-hyang in’Chun-hyangjeon’ came out into reality. The elegant figure of braided hair and dressed in a bright pastel colored hanbok grabs the gaze at once. At the same time, the neatness that flows out of Ga-young Moon riding the swing makes the mind of the beholder.

On the other hand, the other stills contain the reverse visual of Ga-young Moon, who has transformed into a virgin ghost, which surprises everyone. His long straight hair drooping in a dark forest and wearing a white suit makes his spine creepy. In particular, Moon Ga-young’s sad expression, holding her clothes in her hand, adds to the moody atmosphere and stimulates curiosity about what is happening.

Expectations are amplified in this broadcast of’Goddess Advent’ how the appearance of Ga-young Moon, who predicted a colorful transformation, will be drawn.

Meanwhile, episode 7 of’The Goddess Advent’ will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 6th.


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