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You Quiz On The Block Episode 99 BTS – Español, Indonesia, English Sub.

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Group BTS appeared on’You Quiz on the Block’. It was time to see the human BTS, not the World Star BTS.
In tvN’You Quiz on the Block’, which aired on the 24th, BTS appeared as a guest and showed off their talk.
BTS is a world star called the ’21st Century Beatles’. BTS, the first Korean singer to win the Billboard Hot 100 #1 with’Dynamite’ in 2020, made a new history in K-Pop by showing a solo performance for the first time as a Korean singer at the 2021 Grammy Awards.
In response, Suga said, “It was ARMY when we first entered the United States because our fans are special. Originally, the radio was very important in the US market, but the radio was pierced by fans. ‘Is this possible?’ He confessed, “I wanted it,” and turned all the credits to ARMY.
Jimin said, “Sugar is’the people I love’. No other words come to mind. These are the people who made me feel various emotions. He helped us grow up, and he said it was okay to make mistakes. People who make me think about why they say I love you,” he said, saying, “Ami love”.
BTS’ global success was achieved through’blood, sweat and tears’, and RM recalled that time, saying, “It was really bad at the time when I couldn’t speak English properly,” he said, saying that RM also handed out flyers before the LA concert.
Four years later, BTS became a winner of the American Music Awards and has grown into a world-class boy group. There was a shop selling BTS characters on the street where the flyers were turned. In response, Suga said, “I can’t believe it. Still stupid. Sometimes I thought,’Is this going to happen?’ I felt different about achieving something I couldn’t even imagine.”

After the global success, the family’s reaction was also reported. RM said, “Once my parents watch the news too much,” said, “’Our star is here. “It was a lot of payment this month.” V said, “My parents are the same. Before going to bed, he said,’My dad’s friend’s daughter is a fan’ and asks me to sign it.”
If so, do you have any concerns for the popular BTS? RM said, “There are definitely no performances, so I feel like the big bones we’ve built up until now are disappearing. Honestly, there are times when I think,’Is it okay to work like this and earn money?’
“We were like,’Are we special? Don’t be excited They were friends who came up with the heart of’Let’s do our best.’ As the moments when the sweat goes to the peak are forcibly disappeared, it feels like something is unpretentious.”
Jimin wrote a new history of K-pop with the’first icon’, and said that the burden was considerable. “I kept saying that it was scary. We are not great people, but because we keep making achievements, we made ourselves guilty.”
“I’m afraid of a fall, but I’m not afraid of landing,” said Suga, who said, “I wish I was on stage until the last moment. In the past, I was going to perform at the size of 50,000 people, but when it reaches 10,000 and 5,000, I wonder if it will be able to endure or sad, but now I think it is a landing for the remaining people. As a result, Yoo Jae-seok admired that the depth of thought was different.

BTS’s honest charm possessed by’You Quiz’… “Worldwide conversation” (general)

I fell in love with honesty again.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts, who rarely showed up in domestic entertainment, appeared on tvN’You Quiz on the Block’, which aired on the 24th, and talked about what they couldn’t.

At the 2021 Grammy Awards, Suga of BTS, who made a new history in K-Pop by showing a solo performance for the first time as a Korean singer, said, “It was ARMY when we first entered the United States because fans are special to us. The radio was pierced by fans,’Is this possible?’ I wanted to do it,” he said. RM also circulated flyers directly prior to the LA concert, and recalled at the time, “At that time, when I couldn’t speak English properly, it was really bad.”

Four years later, at the same place, BTS won the American Music Awards. On the street where the flyers were turned, there was a shop selling BTS characters. Suga said, “I can’t really believe it. I’m still freaking out. I sometimes think, “Is this going to happen?” I felt different from achieving something I couldn’t even imagine.”

He also shared the reactions of his family. RM said, “Once my parents watch the news too much.’Our star is here. It’s been a lot of payment this month.'” V said, “My parents are the same. Before going to bed, I always said,’My dad’s friend’s daughter is a fan,’ and asked me to sign it,” he laughed.

They also confessed their concerns. RM said, “Because there are definitely no performances, I feel that the big bones we’ve built up until now are disappearing. Honestly, I sometimes think,’Is it okay to work like this and earn money?’ “Let’s do it all.” Jimin confessed to the point of rewriting the history of K-pop, “We kept saying that we were scared. We are not great people, but we are not very good people, but because we keep making achievements, I felt guilty.”

Bulletproof Boy Scouts “I thought it would be’Ami’ that penetrated the US broadcast…” (‘You Quiz’)

BTS thanked the fan club ARMY.

The 99th episode of tvN’You Quiz on the Block’, which aired on the 24th, was with them by BTS, which was predicted in intense interest.

On this day, Jae-seok Yoo and Se-ho Jo introduced BTS at the Korean Furniture Museum, saying, “They came like spring.”

At the appearance of BTS, Yoo Jae-seok said, “How long is it?” and greeted them with a hug one by one. Bulletproof Boy Scouts introduced themselves, saying, “Hello. I’ll greet you. This is BTS.”

Bulletproof Boy Scouts said, “I enjoy You Quiz very much,” and Suga honestly said, “I tend to watch it through reruns.”

In addition, Jimin said, “I really enjoyed watching the’Gold’ side. I was almost injured while trying to repeat the ladder,” and made a laugh.

Yoo Jae-seok introduced one by one, saying, “Because BTS appeared on You Quiz, I can legally call myself self.” At this time, Jimin said, “Please call me mini-self. I thought about it.”

In addition, Jo Se-ho asked, “Isn’t Yoo Jae-suk imitating RM’s finger V?”, and Yoo Jae-suk was embarrassed and embarrassed, saying, “It looks natural while RM is doing it.

Yoo Jae-seok began listing the achievements of BTS, who are writing a new history of K-POP, and the tremendous record surprised everyone.

Jimin said about Fan Army, “It’s the people who make me think about why they say I love you,” and Suga said, “I went to the US as well.

Also, the production crew surprised everyone by saying, “Before the start of the broadcast, the advertisement for BTS was also purchased by ARMYs.”

Suga said “I wanted to be this?” about the US Billboard No. 1, and Yoo Jae-seok said, “I’m just getting an expression,” adding a smile.

Yoo Jae-seok said, “I didn’t tell people around that I was coming out of BTS,” but Jin revealed, “Ji Suk-jin hyung said that Jae-seok is coming out of BTS.” In response, Yoo Jae-seok added laughter by saying, “Is Seokjin in contact with his brother so often?”

Seho Jo asked, “Because you take a lot of planes, you must have accumulated a lot of mileage. Do you also use the duty-free shop?” J-Hope said, “Because I went to private places, I could not use duty-free shops well.”

BTS, the topic of’BTS high school girls’ finally met’Surprise’ (You Quiz)

Group BTS met with Kim Jung-hyun, who became a hot topic for’BTS dance high school girls’.
In tvN’You Quiz on the Block’ broadcast on the 24th, a scene in which BTS appeared as a guest was spread.

On this day, Yoo Jae-seok asked, “What is Ami to me?” and Jimin said, “I think they are the people I love. I can’t think of any other words. They are the people who made me feel various emotions. They helped me grow up despite being young and made it okay to make mistakes.” They showed off their affection, saying, “They make me think about why they say I love you.”

“The fans are special,” Suga said, “The first time we entered the United States, radio is important to the music market in the United States. The fans opened that radio. We sent bouquets to the DJs and sent songs requested by them. “

Jungkook trembled, saying, “It is thanks to ARMYs that we can come out of’You Quiz’.” At this time, Yoo Jae-seok heard the news that the fan club ARMY purchased an advertisement for’You Quiz’ as an event, and greeted them at 90 degrees, saying, “Did the ARMY people buy our interim advertisement? Thank you.”

Also, Jo Se-ho asked about airline mileage, and J-Hope said, “I haven’t used an airport duty-free shop very much. I’ve been on a private plane.” Jin said, “Are you so proud?” Yoo Jae-seok said, “I can do this much,” he helped.

In particular, the production crew prepared the’Group You Quiz Time’ section, and when they were high school girls, BTS’s’

Kim Jung-hyun appeared while dancing’Microphone Drop’, and the members burst into laughter and danced together. Yoo Jae-seok asked, “I was curious if BTS would have seen it when Junghyun came out,” and the members said, “I saw a lot,” and expressed their joy.

V presented the doll he received after confronting the problem to Kim Jeong-hyun. Furthermore, Kim Jung-hyun drew attention by completely digesting the’Dynamite’ dance.


‘You Quiz’ side “BTS special feature, various emotions come and go”

‘You Quiz on the Block’ group BTS shared an honest story.

The 99th episode of tvN entertainment program’You Quiz on the Block’ (hereinafter’You Quiz’), which airs at 8:40 pm on the 24th, will be with BTS, who were predicted in intense interest.

From the latter half of the’Grammy Awards’, which could not be heard anywhere, from the full-length interview full of laughter, the group’You Quiz’ time, which can only be seen in’You Quiz’, and the member-by-member interviews where the deep stories are revealed, there are plenty of things to see. Therefore, if you know before this broadcast, we will reveal the points of watching the special feature of’You Quiz X BTS’, which is more interesting.

◆ Fit seven members! Special Group’U Quiz’ Time

On this day, a special group’U Quiz’ time specially prepared for BTS members will be unfolded. The special’You Quiz’ time, which was held in three rounds, is expected to be responsible for laughter. Big self Yoo Jae-seok couldn’t stand the laughter, saying, “It’s a game that can only be played in’You Quiz’ during the’You Quiz’ time.” The back door said that the scene was hot with the activities of the members who were excited along with the surprise guest who came out as an interrogator. As time passed, the members who had melted into the’You Quiz’ exploded with a sense of comedy and opened a talk relay because they received a big self, a baby and a house.

◆ Young BTS’s’blood, sweat, and tears’ sincere conversation

In addition, as a young man, there was a time to honestly talk about the values ​​of life, current concerns, passion and driving force, and the past trainee days that BTS members have as a young man. RM-V, J-Hope-Jimin-Jungkook, and Jin-Suga paired up to have a talk in the interview, which was divided into three teams to have a deeper conversation with Yoo Jae-seok and Jo Se-ho. The members had a sincere conversation that captivated Yoo Jae-seok and Jo Se-ho.

PD Kim Min-seok, who was in charge of directing, said, “BTS appeared in a complete body and was able to legitimately call it’self’. It is very honorable.” You will be able to see how many different emotions and expressions come and go for 100 minutes.”

On the 23rd, the TVN entertainment program’You Quiz on the Block’ (hereinafter’You Quiz’), which airs at 8:40 pm on the 24th, released the stills of BTS on the 23rd.

Earlier, the seven members of BTS received great interest by notifying them of their solo appearance in’You Quiz’.

When asked why BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook appeared in’You Quiz’, they answered “A variety program that all 7 wanted to go unanimously,” and picked a specific special title. ‘ He showed a’steamed baby’ aspect.

They are said to have led a lively recording atmosphere with full audio and reactions from the beginning. In addition, he asked and answered the stories he was curious about, from the honest feeling he felt when he was ranked #1 on the Billboard to the behind-the-scenes of group photo shoots at the 2018 Popular Culture and Arts Awards.

In addition, on the day of the recording, the big boy Yoo Jae-seok and the baby boy Jo Se-ho were also said to have been unable to hide their trembling and fluttering hearts. Yoo Jae-seok, Jo Se-ho, and BTS members are known to have released Tikitaka and chemistry, which are increasingly ripe as the recording progresses.

Also, Yoo Jae-seok and Jo Se-ho expressed admiration for the members’ opinions. Above all, the members who became self were completely immersed in’You Quiz’, showing sincere talk, 100% pure reaction, and the aspect of’Joint Boy Scouts’.

The special feature of tvN’You Quiz on the Block’ BTS will be broadcast on Wednesday 24th at 8:40 pm.

KBS BTS’ solo talk show’Let’s BTS’ broadcast on the 29th

At the 63rd Grammy Awards held a while ago, BTS, the first Korean pop singer to successfully nominated for a nomination as well as a solo stage, showcased the charm of a group loved by the world through the first talk show’Let’s BTS’ under their name. The back door that the filming was completed successfully.

In this recording held at KBS, Shin Dong-yeop, who is called the god of the talk world, became the sole MC, and Jang Do-yeon, the brain of the comedy world, also joined as a special MC.

After the recording, the production crew said, “They who showed off their charisma on the stage showed a rather tense and unexpected appearance in their talk show, but as time passed, they became a comfortable atmosphere, and soon gave a talk that stood out with their own pleasantness and honesty.” Told. It is expected that the meaningful and in-depth talk of BTS who possessed the world will pour out.

In addition, in this broadcast, not only genuine talk, but also a special VCR video that gives a glimpse of their own chemistry and fun will be another highlight. In a separate filming in advance, it is said that the charm of each of the seven BTS members and the stickiness of the seven members were revealed to the full by sharing stories that they could not tell each other for about 8 years after their debut. It will remain as a video,” he added.

In’Let’s BTS,’ it is said that you can see the wonderful stages of BTS, especially since it was pointed out that the stage of emotion was produced through the participation of the public, which was conducted secretly until just before the recording, and the expectation is further amplified. Regarding this, the production crew saved saying, “Please check the stage of impression through broadcast.”

With this special talk show, which will be a truly comprehensive gift set equipped with three beats, from the sincere story of the world-class BTS that has advanced to the Grammy Awards, a VCR that reveals the joyfulness, and a stage of warmth, hope and comfort to Korea and the world who fell into disappointment with Corona 19. Expected to deliver. This “2021 Special Talk Show Let’s BTS”, which will be a special gift to the people and people around the world, is scheduled to be broadcast on KBS 2TV for 100 minutes starting at 10:40 pm on March 29th.

BTS will be appearing on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block”!

Episode 99 of “You Quiz on the Block” that is broadcasting on March 24 will be a BTS special. All seven members of the global idol group will star on the show, and for 100 minutes, there will be various content about them, including the usual interview and quiz time with hosts Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho.

Fans can look forward to this episode, especially since BTS is a big fan of the show as well. Producing director (PD) Kim Min Seok commented, “BTS will join the 99th episode of ‘Korean TV Show.’ We are planning to create a genuine and pleasant BTS special by adding diverse content and the great chemistry between Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho.”

The BTS special episode will air on March 24 at 8:40 p.m. KST.

Are you excited to see BTS on “KoreanTVShowYou Quiz on the Block”?


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